Super Precision Bearings

Super precision bearings offer a step up in performance with specialized materials and manufacturing accuracy. These improvements provide various benefits, including longer life, higher speeds, improved equipment precision, and more. 

Precision Bearings App (NSK Verify)
NSK verify


This service is only applicable to items with “N” at the bottom right corner of the 2D barcode.

2D code

NSK has launched a free app primarily for precision bearings for machine tools.

Scan 2D barcodes printed on NSK bearing boxes to assess bearing authenticity and access inspection reports online.

The app enables easier factory automation and IT-based plant management. CSV and PDF export of key information empowers customers to track usage history, improve product traceability, and even simplify bearing selection.

*Note: Only bearings with an “N” marked at the bottom right of the 2D barcode are currently supported.

NSK has joined forces with the WBA (World Bearing Association) to create a multi-manufacturer anti-counterfeiting app.

WBA Bearing Authenticator (WBA Check)