Medical Devices

Medical Devices

The worldwide market for medical devices is growing, and in 2014, the market was valued at approximately 30 trillion yen.

Medical devices are divided into two major categories, therapeutic instruments (scalpels, catheters, pacemakers, contact lenses, etc.), and diagnostic instruments (X-ray, CT scanners, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, MRI, etc.).


The technologies of medical diagnostic imaging systems such as X-ray and CT scanners, along with ultrasound diagnostic equipment, constantly change and evolve, helping to improve patient care.

The development of high-speed, high-precision diagnostic equipment is moving forward, and high-speed and high-precision performance, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise, and ease of maintenance are required for the bearings and linear motion products used in such devices.

NSK responds to market needs with its core technologies such as material engineering, lubrication technologies, and precision technologies, significantly contributing to improved performance in medical equipment.

NSK Linear Guides

Because medical imaging diagnostic systems include devices that move people around, safe, low-vibration, low-noise parts are essential.

NSK Linear Guides™ NH and NS Model feature low vibration and low noise performance compared to traditional linear guide products. Improved load-bearing capabilities also contribute to more compact, lightweight medical equipment.

BSS model
High-Speed, Low-Noise Ball Screws BSS Model

These compact, high-speed screws feature noise reduction of up to 6 dB compared to noise levels in traditional products.

Product information Ball Screw


This is a compact, lightweight, single-axis actuator that combines a ball screw and linear guide.

Product information Monocarrier™; Linear Actuator

Megatorque motor
Megatorque Motor™

Because the drive section is not equipped with a reducer mechanism, the unit is compact, lightweight, highly precise, with a high torque, and no rattling.

Megatorque Motor ™

Bearings for Special Environments (SPACEA™ Series)

These bearings are ideal for high-precision applications and other environments where standard bearings cannot be used.

Bearings for Special Environments (SPACEA™ Series)

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