With food security a growing concern, agricultural machinery plays a crucial role in efficiently achieving stable crop yields. As agricultural implements vary widely by environment, region, and the specific crop produced, bearings must offer long life across the board.

Tractors are the primary machines used in crop production and handling. Implements mounted to a tractor's drawbar or power take-off (PTO) plow fields, plant seeds, and spread fertilizers and pesticides.

Tractor bearings in the engine, transmission, and wheel hubs often face muddy conditions and heavy loads.

Moreover, tractors that need to cover vast farmlands are common in Europe and North America, placing high demands on the bearing.

NSK applies various manufacturing technologies to offer highly reliable, cost-effective bearings. We use specialized heat treatments for higher reliability under muddy conditions, advanced materials with greater durability under heavy loads, and optimized designs for longer service life.

In constantly striving to enhance our technologies, NSK is a significant force powering agriculture worldwide.

 TM Series Long-Life Sealed-Clean Ball Bearings

Bearings in agricultural machinery must have a long life even in harsh environments with mud, water, and heavy loads. Without proper countermeasures, bearings exposed to foreign matter fail quickly.

NSK provides several solutions specialized for agriculture: TM bearings with a unique seal, Hi-TF bearings with special heat-treated materials, and EP steel, an ultra-clean bearing steel developed and designed using our proprietary material, tribology, and manufacturing technologies. We also constantly refine our offerings with cutting-edge advancements.

With unique technologies, NSK’s contaminant-resistant bearings with unrivaled life keep tractors and other agricultural machinery moving.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

NSK offers a full lineup of deep groove ball bearings. 

As the most common type of bearing, they are used in a wide variety of applications.

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Sealed-Clean Bearings for Sintering Pallets
Large Hi-TF Bearings

Hi-TF (Tough) bearings offer unmatched performance with long service life, superior wear and seizure resistance, and outstanding cost performance.

TM Series of Long-Life Sealed-Clean Ball Bearings
TM Series Long-Life Sealed-Clean Ball Bearings

TM Series bearings feature a special seal-lip structure that keeps lubricant in and foreign matter out.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Thrust, Cut
Thrust Ball Bearings

Though they cannot take any radial loads, thrust ball bearings excel at supporting axial (thrust) loads at high speeds. Both single- and double-direction types are available.

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Sealed-Clean Bearings for Sintering Pallets
EP Steel (Super Long-Life, Highly Reliable Bearing Steel)

A new generation of reliable bearing steel produced with NSK-exclusive technology that minimizes non-metallic inclusions. With decreased material variation, EP steel products enjoy a more uniform and longer service life.

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