NSK Corporate Philosophy

NSK Corporate Philosophy defines the scope of our business activities, the way we will contribute to society, and our overarching goal. In essence, it describes the type of company we strive to be, and serves as a reference point for all our decisions and actions, especially when unsure of the correct path forward. NSK Corporate Philosophy consists of a mission statement, management principles, corporate message, and action guidelines.


Mission Statement

NSK contributes to a safer, smoother society and helps protect the global environment through its innovative technology integrating Motion & Control™. As a truly international enterprise, we are working across national boundaries to improve relationships between people throughout the world.


Management Principles

We will:

  1. Provide our customers with innovative and responsive solutions through our world leading technologies.
  2. Provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, utilizing their skills and encouraging their creativity and individuality.
  3. Identify the needs of the present and future, and meet these needs by being flexible, agile, and dynamic.
  4. Contribute to the communities in which we operate.
  5. Manage our business from an international perspective and develop a strong presence throughout the world.


Corporate Message

Responsive and Creative

The corporate message communicates NSK's ideals, business scope, and future image to clients and the general public. It can also be considered NSK's catchphrase.

The phrase “MOTION AND CONTROL” carries two meanings:

Firstly, it defines the scope of NSK's present and future business.

MOTION symbolizes our complex hardware, machinery, and systems.

CONTROL represents our sophisticated software and electronics systems.

Secondly, it represents the underlying values NSK has adopted in order to make a positive contribution to society.

MOTION represents our willingness and initiative to take on bold challenges

CONTROL symbolizes our agility, flexibility, and a broad-minded approach to decision-making.

NSK will foster this MOTION & CONTROL as its key value and asset, and strive to be a company that constantly works to fulfill society's needs.


Action Guidelines

- Beyond Limits, Beyond Today -

Limits symbolize the restrictions and barriers inherent in all things from individuals to industries and countries. All NSK employees will make these limits the focal point for our enthusiasm and energy, and in the process of overcoming them, create a future for NSK. Today is the immediate. We must strive to see beyond the immediate problem, condition or event, and perceive the long-term challenges and opportunities. Through a long-term vision, we can ensure NSK's prosperity as well as our own growth and personal development.

Beyond Frontiers

Adopting a global perspective in all aspects of NSK's operations.

Beyond Individuals

Accomplishing and growing beyond personal ideas.

Beyond Imagination

Transcending conventional ideas and adopting a flexible and inquisitive approach to go beyond present limitations.

Beyond Perceptions

Welcoming change and encouraging creative synergies.

Challenging the Future

Looking beyond the short term and accepting the challenge of new opportunities.

The above points serve as guides for putting the NSK Corporate Philosophy into action on a day-to-day basis. We aim to build a corporate culture where our members are self-motivated, encourage and support those around them, and persevere to see goals through to completion.