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CSR Reports & Reference Data

The NSK Group interprets corporate social responsibility (CSR) as activities undertaken to ensure the sustainable growth of society and the NSK Group, while meeting the expectations of a wide array of stakeholder through corporate activities.

CSR Report 2018 PDF Downloads & Reference Data

Contents Page No. Reference Data
About the NSK Group P. 2
Governance P. 17
Research and Development P. 33 Research & Development
Quality Assurance P. 38
Supply Chain Management P. 46 NSK Supplier CSR Guidelines
Good Labor Practices P. 51
  • Environmental Management
  • Creating Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Global Warming Countermeasures
  • Rsource Conservation and Recycle Measures
  • Reducing Use of Environmentally Harmful Substances
  • Biodiversity Conservation
P. 65
Working with Local Communities P. 89
Appendix P. 93
Third-Party Comments P. 118