Connecting with Motion & Control

Connecting with MOTION & CONTROL

Since our founding in 1916, NSK has strived to be at the forefront of uncovering and responding to society’s needs, offering new motion that no one has ever imagined. Today, NSK’s Motion & Control™ can be found almost anywhere in the world. From our homes to high-tech factories, from massive construction machines to tiny medical instruments.

Setting the Future in Motion

NSK has worked tirelessly to create new motion in society since our establishment by developing and manufacturing bearings, steering systems, precision machine components, and more.
With this unchanging commitment in mind, our “Connecting with Motion & Control” campaign aims to create motion that connects the world to the future.

What is Motion & Control?

Following the blazing development speeds of technologies, the frontrunners take on incredible challenges such as developing autonomous driving, smart factories, and humanoid robots. These applications often go beyond the extent of pure digital software, requiring a hardware counterpart. Turning these dream projects to reality demands highly responsive physical components that can safely and accurately translate computer commands into real-world action - which is what Motion & Control is all about.

NSK’s Motion & Control products and technologies support the motion that brings comfort and convenience to your life: it’s in cars, planes, air conditioners, vacuums, medical equipment, wind turbines, satellites, and almost anything with moving parts.

Featured NSK Products

Monocarrier Linear Actuators
Megatorque Motor
Monocarrier™ Linear Actuators

An NSK ball screw, linear guide, and support bearings are integrated into a unit that smoothly converts rotation into linear motion. Monocarrier actuators allow for extremely precise and swift movement.

Megatorque Motor™

An all-in-one unit combining a bearing, motor, and sensor for highly accurate rotation. The Megatorque Motor allows for quick movement and precise stopping.