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NSK Report 2021
NSK Report 2021
Year ended March 31, 2021
Integrated Report

*Sustainability Report has been integrated into the “NSK Report” from this year. Please refer to the Company’s Sustainability page for the detailed information on sustainability.

  At a Glance/Editorial Policy [PDF: 513KB]
Top Message [PDF: 277KB]
NSK Corporate Philosophy and NSK Vision 2026 [PDF: 55KB]
NSK’s Collaborative Value Creation Process Together with NSK Corporate Philosophy –Our History– [PDF: 197KB]
NSK Supporting Society [PDF: 1,503KB]
To Our Stakeholders [PDF: 431KB]
NSK’s Business Model for Collaborative Value Creation [PDF: 748KB]
NSK’s Business Activities and Corporate Collaborative Value Creation -Deepening of the Value Chain [PDF: 166KB]
Creating Collaborative Value with Stakeholders [PDF: 1,144KB]
Special Feature Collaborative Value Creation and Beyond−Contributing to the Resolution of Social Issues While Realizing NSK’s Sustainable Growth− [PDF: 433KB]
Special Feature 1: NSK’s Environmental Contributions [PDF: 309KB]
Special Feature 2: Contributing to Technological Innovation−Aiming for Sustainable Growth− [PDF: 761KB]
Strategies and Performance Progress on Strategies for 2026 [PDF: 195KB]
6th Mid-Term Management Plan Targets and Progress [PDF: 131KB]
Industrial Machinery Business/Automotive Business [PDF: 160KB]
New Initiatives Targeting Growth [PDF: 129KB]
Enhance Managerial Resources [PDF: 139KB]
Contribute to the Environment and Society [PDF: 320KB]
Financial Strategy/Policy on Shareholder Returns [PDF: 134KB]
Financial and Non-Financial Highlights [PDF: 189KB]
Foundation Supporting Sustainability Core Technologies and Taking Up the Challenge of Creating New Collaborative Value [PDF: 197KB]
Global Business Foundation [PDF: 180KB]
Climate Change-related Risks and Opportunities:Addressing the TCFD Recommendations [PDF: 102KB]
Human Rights and Labor Initiatives [PDF: 79KB]
Compliance [PDF: 70KB]
Risk Management [PDF: 135KB]
Disaster Risk Management [PDF: 83KB]
Information Security Management [PDF: 69KB]
Corporate Governance [PDF: 168KB]
Interview with NSK’s Outside Directors [PDF: 402KB]
Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors [PDF: 100KB]
Management [PDF: 126KB]
Data Section Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Position, Results of Operations and Cash Flows [PDF: 167KB]
Consolidated Financial Statements [PDF: 111KB]
Basic Knowledge of Bearings [PDF: 324KB]
Glossary [PDF: 93KB]
NSK Group [PDF: 93KB]
Information for Investors/Company Data/Third-Party Assurances [PDF: 209KB]


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