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NSK Receives Environmental Communication Award Citing Outstanding Achievement for CSR Report 2015

NSK Receives Environmental Communication Award Citing Outstanding Achievement

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) today announced that as part of the 19th Environmental Communication Awards, it had received an award for outstanding achievement in the field of environmental reporting for the NSK CSR Report 2015.

The Environmental Communication Awards were launched in 1998 to identify outstanding examples of environmental reports and reporting on environmental initiatives, aiming to encourage eco-conscious management, environmental communication, and greater quality of environmental information disclosure. This year marks the 19th year for the awards to be given.

NSK received the award for outstanding achievement in the field of environmental reporting for the second consecutive year. The award is given to reports that provide information disclosure that set an example for other organizations to follow.

NSK was singled out for establishing the NSK Vision 2026, with the President and CEO outlining a commitment to enhancing communication with stakeholders looking ahead to the next 100 years. The award also recognizes NSK's efforts in advancing initiatives and practicing information disclosure consistent with environmental reporting guidelines.

NSK has published its CSR Report since 2006 in an effort to effectively report on the progress of its social and environmental initiatives. In addition to the CSR Report, NSK published a CSR Communication Report 2015 last year to provide a concise and accessible summary of its corporate initiatives.

Environmental Communication Awards

Organized by Ministry of the Environment, Japan, Global Environmental Forum
Sponsored by Japanese Association of Assurance Organizations for Sustainability Information
Awards Ceremony February 24, 2015
Ministry of the Environment Announcement  outside page
Website for Environmental Communication Awards, Global Environmental Forum  outside page

Global Environmental Initiatives at NSK

NSK supplies bearings and other components that support the reliability, safety, and energy efficiency of the equipment they are used in. NSK products facilitate the smooth operation of everything from automobiles, home appliances, and railway vehicles, including bullet trains, to steelmaking equipment, wind turbines for power generation, elevators, airplanes, and satellites.

NSK has outlined a Mission Statement to protect the global environment, realizing this commitment through initiatives that include creating environmentally friendly products, implementing global warming countermeasures and measures for resource conservation and recycling, reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances, and conserving biodiversity. NSK aims to enhance its communication with stakeholders by reporting on the progress of its initiatives through CSR reports and the NSK website.

About NSK

NSK has been in business for more than a century, having established itself as the first manufacturer of bearings in Japan. As one of the world's leading bearing manufacturers today, NSK is contributing to the development of industries worldwide by responsively and precisely meeting the diverse needs of customers across the globe. Building on a foundation of Motion & Control, NSK develops and supplies bearings together with automotive products including steering components and precision machinery and parts. NSK will continue to provide customers with solutions that are backed by world-leading and comprehensive technology, sales, and service.