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NSK to Exhibit at the 25th INTERPHEX JAPAN

Solutions to Oil Splashing and Corrosion for Greater Safety

Tokyo, Japan, June 22, 2012 — NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) announced today that it will be exhibiting at the 25th INTERPHEX JAPAN from Wednesday June 27 to Friday June 29 at Tokyo Big Sight. INTERPHEX JAPAN is a large-scale trade show in Asia with devices, systems and technologies related to the production, research and development of items such as medicine, cosmetics and detergents. NSK will be exhibiting its state-of-the-art products and technologies that provide solutions to the diverse and advanced needs of these industries, which require a high-level of safety.

NSK has put together a variety of solutions for ensuring the high-level of safety required in the backbone components used to support the stable operation of production equipment used in fields such as medicine, cosmetics and detergents that assist consumers in achieving their ultimate desire to be healthier and more beautiful.

This is the fourth time for NSK to participate in this exhibition, and this year the theme will be Oil Splashing and Corrosion — That Is the Problem. NSK will showcase its highly practical applications comprised of its proprietary technology and products that incorporate oil splashing countermeasure technology and corrosion resistance that is more than 10 times better* than conventional technology. NSK will also exhibit its highly clean and compact mechatronics technology for those on the frontlines of the manufacture, research and development of medical and cosmetic products.

*Note:  In terms of the time it takes for rust to occur during immersion testing using sodium hypochlorite, a sanitizing and disinfecting agent.

Main Exhibits

Purpose Product  
•Anti-corrosion (corrosive resistance)
•Rust inhibition
SUS Barrier™ Bearings for Anti-corrosion SPACEA™ Series

During the sanitization and disinfection process, in which rust and corrosion can easily occur, layers of oxide film build up on the surface of Martensitic stainless steel providing longer life and a corrosion resistance that is more than 10 times better* than conventional technology. This translates to higher safety, longer maintenance intervals and improved production efficiency.

*Note:In terms of the time it takes for rust to occur during immersion testing using sodium hypochlorite, a sanitizing and disinfecting agent.

Product Details:
NSK Develops SUS Barrier™ Bearings for Anti-corrosion SPACEA™ Series
Sanitization and disinfection using sodium hypochlorite (after 120 hours)
Conventional Martensitic stainless steel
SUS Barrier™ Bearings
•Safety and Health
NSK K1™ Lubrication Unit Equipped Linear Guide for Food and Medical Devices

From a hygiene and sanitation perspective, oil splashing is not desirable at all. NSK has responded by developing a new material—a porous synthetic resin that contains a large amount of lubrication oil. This lubrication offers peace of mind as it is designed for devices that require cleanliness and safety and contains material that complies with the world-class safety requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Product Details:
NSK K1™ Linear Guide(Japanese only)
Megatorque Motor™ Z Series with High Environmental Resistance

Megatorque Motors™ are direct drive motors that are compact, flat, have high torque and precision, and possess a high-precision rotation angle detection function capable of stopping at 2.62 million points in one revolution. Some of the motors in this family have an IP66 rating for dust and water ingress protection, making them the world’s flattest and most compact of their kind. These motors deliver higher safety and productivity, as they are well suited for medical and cosmetic manufacturing sites where there is exposure to dust, water, oil and other liquids.

Product Details:
NSK Releases Megatorque Motor™ Z Series with High Environmental Resistance
•Short lead time tool
Click!Speedy™ — NSK Linear Guide
NSK Precision Machinery Components Easy Order System

This tool enables online purchasing from our dealer-dedicated homepage and allows you to get quick responses regarding inventory, specs, quotes, lead time and spec drawings for an overall speedier delivery.


Exhibit Information

Date Wednesday, June 27 to Friday, June 29, 2012
Location Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Booth No. 9–12 in the No. 2 East Hall
Official site

About NSK

NSK is a world-class manufacturer with a history of over 90 years in the field of precision machinery and parts, with a focus on bearings and ball screws. The Company operates under the slogan, Motion & Control. NSK boasts a network of over 200 sites in 28 countries, which it uses for developing, designing, manufacturing, marketing and providing after-sales service for its products. This enables NSK to respond quickly with precise solutions that meet customer needs anywhere in the world. NSK will continue to lead the world with its comprehensive technical and service power to meet the expectations of its customers.

The NSK Mechatronics Business Department strives to leverage its solid base of state-of-the-art technology acquired through years of developing and manufacturing products for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and LCD lithography equipment to quickly grasp the needs of new customers to contribute safe and secure solutions to society. By combining image processing and other technology to machine element products such as bearings and ball screws and precision positioning drive technology, NSK Mechatronics is developing cell manipulation systems as equipment that can perform cell manipulation and assemble minute components. To this end, NSK is collecting valuable feedback and support from a number of researchers.