NSK Develops Shielded Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Industrial Water Pumps

Longer life, smaller, highly reliable

Tokyo, Japan, February 25, 2010 – NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced it has developed and commercialized a high performance shielded double-row angular contact ball bearing for industrial water pumps. Demand for these pumps is increasing worldwide for water supply and sewage, irrigation, and various service water systems. The product features improved axial load carrying capacity, is smaller, and has a longer service life, all of which increase reliability and decrease operating costs for water pumps. NSK is targeting annual sales of 700 million yen for this product in the global market for industrial pumps by 2014.

Shielded Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Industrial Water Pumps

Development background

Industrial water pumps are expected to be highly efficient and reliable and to reduce environmental impact. For this reason, the bearings used in these pumps are expected to provide both compactness and greater load carrying capacity.
In response to these needs, NSK has developed and commercialized a high-performance shielded double-row angular contact ball bearing for industrial water pumps. The bearing has dimensions (bore and outside diameter, and width) compliant with ISO standards and boasts the following outstanding features.

Product features

Up to three times longer bearing life
Bearing life was improved by from 1.3 to 2.6 times compared to the conventional product through an optimal shielded bearing design. This enables a smaller bearing to provide the same bearing life.
Up to three times greater axial load carrying capacity
The bearing's axial load carrying capacity was improved by from 1.1 to 2.8 times through optimal bearing design.
Expanded operating temperature range
The bearing was made usable at a maximum of 150 degrees Celsius through high-temperature dimensional stabilization.

Product Benefits

  1. Reduced operating costs since water pumps can now be downsized.
    Simplification of pump design and improved productivity delivered by grease-filled bearing.
    Longer periods between pump maintenance thanks to the longer bearing life at the same bearing size.
  2. Improved pump reliability since the bearing is able to carry a heavy axial load.
  3. Improved water pump reliability thanks to the bearing's ability to withstand high motor temperature.

New product to be included in global lineup

NSK will enhance its lineup of bearings for water pumps with the inclusion of this product and promote it to the global market.

New Products Lineup
Bearing No.Bore
Outside diameter
3305FZZ 25 62 25.4 30,500 20,400
3306FZZ 30 72 30.2 39,500 27,300
3307FZZ 35 80 34.9 49,500 35,000
3308FZZ 40 90 36.5 60,500 44,000
3309FZZ 45 100 39.7 66,500 49,500
3310FZZ 50 110 44.4 85,500 64,500
3311FZZ 55 120 49.2 106,000 82,000
3312FZZ 60 130 54 122,000 95,500
3313FZZ 65 140 58.7 138,000 109,000
Bearing Nomenclature,Features of the Shielded Double-Row Angular Ball Bearing for Industrial Water Pumps
How was it possible to achieve long life and high reliability and attach a shield with the same size as the conventional product (standard product)