NSK’s Approach, System, Targets and Performance

NSK's Approach

At the NSK Group, we see our workforce as a vital resource for the continued success of our business. We know that employees who remain fully engaged in their work produce the best results, which ultimately leads to the sustainable growth of individual employees and the entire NSK Group. This is why we are committed to creating a safe and motivating workplace where the cultures and practices of countries and regions worldwide are respected and diversity is embraced in the workforce.


The NSK Group Management Principles clearly state that our aim is “to provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, utilizing their skills and encouraging their creativity and individuality.” In acknowledgment of the fact that each employee is a priceless asset, we have committed ourselves to creating a “fair workplace that empowers the individual.” This commitment features three key areas of focus: leveraging a diverse workforce, building more engaging workplaces and providing opportunities for growth.

Creating a Dynamic Work Environment

Diversity: Leveraging a Diverse Workforce

  • The NSK Group is working to build a corporate culture where diverse human resources and their individual values are recognized and accepted. This effort is based on the conviction that employees from different backgrounds, working together, are able to generate more new ideas in the workplace, which will in turn strengthen the Group's competitiveness.

Safe and Healthy Workplaces and Work-Style Reforms: Building More Engaging Workplaces

  • It is our conviction at the NSK Group that having safe workplaces and employees who enjoy and are actively engaged in both their work and personal lives will have a beneficial impact on our business. Based on this, we seek to provide safe, supportive workplaces.
  • We are working to reform work styles in order to encourage greater awareness of work-life balance among employees, while encouraging them to take paid leave and working to offer more diverse ways of working.
  • NSK has established programs to help employees fulfill any childcare or nursing care responsibilities they may have. These programs exceed legal requirements and take into account the ongoing need for employees to balance their work and family obligations throughout the stages of their lives. We also seek to ensure good communication between superiors and their team members in the workplace. We offer seminars, for instance, to support caregivers and working parents who are returning to work after childcare.
  • At the NSK Group, we see an investment in health as an investment in corporate value, and as such, we are committed to the health and wellness of our employees and their families. We have established health management initiatives under the NSK Basic Policy on Health and Wellness (Employee Wellness Declaration).

Human Resource Programs and Career Development: Providing Opportunities for Growth

  • The NSK Group has established a range of human resource programs including education and training. Providing opportunities for professional growth, the programs enable employees to further enhance their motivation and skills by maximizing their individual potential.
  • We position job rotation at the core of human resource development, promoting employee awareness of the benefits of independent learning and growth. Employees learn new skills and operations while taking advantage of opportunities to advance their careers.
  • We develop the core human resources needed to fuel sustainable growth by offering education and training programs which not only enhance the knowledge and skills of employees, but also promote their growth as human beings.


Global Human Resources

The Human Resource Management Division Headquarters collaborates closely with regional HR departments worldwide on a variety of efforts, all guided by the commitment described above. At the regular Global Human Resources Committee meetings, HR managers from each region meet to report on their regional and national initiatives, share the local challenges they face, and discuss measures to further improve talent management.

Structure of the Human Resource Management Division Headquarters

Employee Engagement Surveys

The NSK Group has been conducting regular employee surveys in Japan and at some global sites in order to enhance awareness of its corporate philosophy and the importance of compliance. We recognize that it is essential for every employee to understand and follow the corporate philosophy, and that we must create the kind of transparent workplaces required to ensure compliance. As employee engagement is critical to these efforts, we recently expanded the scope of the survey to include all employees worldwide, and also added questions to measure engagement. Based on the survey results, we are developing next steps for each region. These steps include more clearly linking the corporate philosophy with daily operations, and promoting better communication between superiors and team members.

Targets and Performance

Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan Targets (FY2019–2021) and the FY2020 Targets and Performance

Policy Sixth Mid-Term Management Plan targets FY2020 targets FY2020 performance
Leverage a diverse workforce Promote more diversity and inclusion (D&I) Raise awareness of D&I
  • President’s Diversity Message 2020 published
  • Conducted unconscious bias training
Improve the paternal leave acquisition rate Improved 23.5 points against previous fiscal year (Acquisition rate 50.3%)
Continue to run caregiving seminars
  • Employees taking courses increased by 1.6 times
  • Held training courses for human resource consultation desk staff
Create a work environment that empowers foreign nationals (Japan)
Develop management personnel (global)
Support the empowerment of mid-career hires
  • Started cross-cultural training planning, expanded support for language learning
  • Completed Global Management College FY2019 course (Total number of graduates for all nine terms: 111)
  • Conducted follow-up interviews/training for mid-career hires
Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Held internal seminars
  • Jointly held an external collaborative event
Raise external awareness of our initiatives to promote D&I
  • Selected again as a Nadeshiko brand
  • Retained Kurumin certification (certification recognizing companies with parent-friendly HR policies and programs)
Promote the advancement of women
Increase the percentage of women among managers and managerial candidates by 1.6 times (compared with FY2018)
Continue supporting women in career-track positions Conducted third round of training for women in career-track positions
Promote a higher percentage of women among career-track position hires (administrative and sales staff: 40%; engineers: 10%) Administrative and sales staff: 40%; Engineers: 10% achieved
Build more engaging workplaces Promote work-style reforms Expand remote work
  • Newly established rules for remote work
  • Environment improvements (e.g., loaned communication terminals, switched to mobile PCs)
Promote health and wellness Raise external awareness of our initiatives to improve the health of our employees Retained certification as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)
Centralize the management of employee health checkup results Commenced centralized management and analysis by installing a health checkup results management system
Provide opportunities for growth Support the career advancement of every employee Train young employees at an early stage Implemented young employee rotations
Provide ongoing growth opportunities Adding to conventional face-to-face training, expanded the number of participants and opportunities to attend by making full use of online options and HyFlex*

* HyFlex: Hybrid-Flexible (face-to-face and online training simultaneously)