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motion for emotion

Since NSK made
Japan’s first bearings in 1916,
for over 100 years,
we have supported
global industrial progress
through the development
and manufacture
of bearings,
automotive components,
and precision products.
Kicking off NSK’s 101st year,
we’ve pledged to reach beyond
the present,
to expand our horizons,
and to bring new motion to the world.

Where do you want to go tomorrow?
Just imagine the possibilities.
We’ll move you there,
we’ll move the future.


creative gallery

The Big Bearing

Is it a UFO? Nope. It’s a bearing, one of NSK’s major products.
It hides away inside your machines and devices and makes motion smooth.
Without bearings, most machines would clink and clank, we would all be in for a bumpy ride, and who knows what else might grind to a halt!

The Skateboard

From the wheels of a skateboard, to cars, trains, and planes, and even in home electronics, bearings come in all shapes and sizes, and make motion smooth. Bearings also play a role in cutting-edge medical technology, next generation clean energy, and even in outer space!



NSK is All Around You!

Bearings—The Staple of Industry
Nearly 100 bearings can be found in the average household, and from 100 to 150 in every automobile. Bearings play an unseen but critical role in all kinds of devices all around the world, keeping people’s lives running smoothly. From everyday life, to the office, factory, and high-tech labs, NSK bearings and precision machinery and parts are hard at work in vehicles and machines—and virtually every other device that moves—helping to keep you safe, secure, and comfortable.


Setting the Future
in Motion

We bring motion to life, to enrich lifestyles, and to build a brighter future. Dedicated to uncovering society’s needs, we set ideas in motion, to deliver solutions beyond imagination. We produced ten video shorts showing NSK in motion.


100 Years of NSK

Ever since developing the first bearings in Japan, we have leveraged our proprietary technology to supply customers in a wide range of fields with bearings and other machine components, thereby supporting industrial growth and contributing to society through the creation of a safe, reliable and comfortable world.
As we look ahead to our next 100 years, we will continue to take on new challenges to achieve sustainable growth.



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