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EDD Megaterm Application Download

About EDD Megaterm

The EDD Megaterm application supports the setting and editing of parameters and configurations for EDD Drive Units. This software is for use on PC and is provided free of charge.

Note: The software can be used only with EDD Drive Units.

After agreeing to the license agreement on the following page, you may proceed with downloading the software and Instruction Manual.

Category Name File Type File
(Release Date)
Software EDD Megaterm Windows 7 (32-bit) ZIP 7,837KB
Software EDD Megaterm Windows 7 (64-bit) ZIP 7,846KB
Software EDD Megaterm Windows 10 (32-bit) ZIP 7,837KB
Software EDD Megaterm Windows 10 (64-bit) ZIP 7,846KB

Megaterm Application Software Operation Environment:

OS*1 Windows 7 Home/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate
Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise
*1 With Internet Explorer 11 or above
CPU 1 GHz or above 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) CPU
Memory 1 GB or above (32-bit) or 2 GB or above (64-bit)
HDD 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) or more free space available
Display 800 × 600 (SVGA) or above
Ports USB

With the following system fonts:

  • Courier New, Arial

Installing EDD Megaterm

1. WinUSB
Run WinUSB from [\Install\WinUSB\WinUSB.vbs] and install device drivers.

2. EDD Megaterm
Run setup from [\Install\EDDmegaterm\setup.exe] and install the Megaterm application.

How to Use EDD Megaterm

After installation completes, please see “Online Help.”


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