From the harvesting of sugarcane to processes that refine the extracted juice, sugar manufacturing is handled by machinery purpose-built to operate in harsh conditions.

Each process in sugar production presents unique challenges, so bearings must perform reliably under a variety of environments.

Bearings keep cane harvesters, cane shredders, crushing mills, boiler fans, and sugar centrifuges moving smoothly, helping ensure production stays online.

Modern sugar mills must be quick, reliable, and efficient to get raw materials transported and processed as fast as possible for the utmost quality.

NSK bearings serve sugar manufacturers through both high efficiency and performance under harsh environments.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing, UR-Material

NSK responds to the issues of contamination, corrosion, and marginal lubrication in sugar production equipment with proven performance and longevity.

We deliver solutions that speed up processes and extend bearing life to meet the needs of both equipment manufacturers and end users.

With strict quality standards during development and production, NSK serves the sugar industry with reliable bearings trusted for their high performance and long life.