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NSK Develops High-Durability Precision Ball Screw

New surface processing technology reduces wear to realize maintenance-free operation for longer intervals.

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) has developed High-Durability Precision Ball Screws by applying a new surface processing technology. The ball screws are capable of high accuracy operation over more work even in typically demanding applications. Samples will be available for customers from January 2019, with a full launch scheduled for spring 2020.

NSK will be exhibiting samples at leading machine-tool expo JIMTOF 2018, to be held at Tokyo Big Site from November 1st to 6th.


Development Background

In recent years, machining performance, with a focus on precision, speed, and rigidity, has rapidly increased to meet the needs of machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing. Today, we are seeing a significant push to increase productivity and ensure long-term, reliable, maintenance-free operation of key machine tools and manufacturing equipment. To meet these needs, NSK turned its eye to the ball screw raceway surface, and developed new technology to suppress wear.

Product features

1. Lower wear for improved accuracy life

NSK developed first-of-a-kind surface processing technology to improve the surface of ball screw raceways. Oil film formation is greatly enhanced by giving the surface a special texture. It is typically difficult for a satisfactory oil film to form during low speed, short stroke, oscillating type operation. However, even under such conditions, the new High-Durability Precision Ball Screws are three times more resistant to wear than our standard products. The oil film supports longer lasting preload conditions, which contributes to significantly reduced wear.

Improved oil film formation reduces wear due to contact between balls and raceway groove, which extends the ball screw's accuracy life (life with high positioning accuracy).

2. Maintenance-free for Longer Periods

Improved service life with high positioning accuracy realizes longer maintenance intervals.


Product Benefits

The High-Durability Precision Ball Screw is ideal for applications requiring extremely high positioning accuracy, such as die/mold machining centers and electrical discharge machining.

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