Press Release

NSK Welcomes Visitors to the 2023 International Robot Exhibition (iREX2023)

  • Under the theme of “Creating Kindness to People and the Environment,” NSK will showcase its latest products and technologies at iREX2023
  • NSK is proposing solutions that contribute to the realization of new societal infrastructure based on its technological expertise cultivated over 100 years

NSK Ltd. will exhibit at the 2023 International Robot Exhibition (iREX2023), scheduled to take place at Tokyo Big Sight from November 29 to December 2. Additionally, the company will also exhibit via “iREX ONLINE,” an online event held from November 22 to December 15.

In recent times, industrial robots have become increasingly essential as “societal infrastructure.” Furthermore, the proliferation of service robots is anticipated as a means to enrich the quality of people's lives.

During this exhibition, NSK will focus on the theme of “Creating Kindness to People and the Environment” and will showcase exhibits for industrial robots and service robots.

Looking towards a future where robots become part of societal infrastructure, NSK will leverage its core technologies — Tribology, Materials, Numerical Analysis, Mechatronics, and Manufacturing Engineering — to contribute to the development of a higher quality of life and the advancement of the world's industries.

NSK Booth
NSK Booth

Main Exhibits

1. Outdoor Mobile Robot Platform (Concept Exhibit)

NSK original pantograph link suspension and pendulum structure keep carried cargo from tipping over and reduces shakes and bumps when driving on uneven and rough surfaces. Ideal for service robots transporting food or other objects.

Outdoor Mobile Robot Platform (Concept Exhibit)
2. “PalGo” Active Caster

Wheel unit capable of smooth omnidirectional movement.

By enabling free omnidirectional movement without being restricted by floor conditions such as small differences in elevation, carpets, or uneven surfaces, it achieves harmony between humans and robots. As we work toward finalizing a production model in the coming year, we will exhibit a mobile cart mockup with autonomous driving functionality, making it easy to grasp the distinctive omnidirectional movements capability.

“PalGo” Active Caster
3. Finger Module

A new proposal from NSK; finger modules that can be reconfigured according to the use case. It enables creating robot hands to meet specific needs with minimum configuration required. Contributing primarily to the service industry, it can be used to automate a wide range of manual tasks involving diverse pick and place or grasping work.

* Developed in collaboration with the German Aerospace Center.

Finger Module
4. Compact, High-Power Actuator

Compact, high-power, linear actuator that can be used in harsh environments with water and dust proof design. We achieved high actuation force in a compact unit that can be installed in a small space. It can meet needs related to the electrification of a wide range of industrial machinery and hydraulic equipment, contributing to carbon neutrality.

Compact, High-Power Actuator

In addition, many other high-quality products that support the movement of industrial robots, such as bearings for industrial robots, will be exhibited.

Exhibition iREX2023 iREX Online
Venue Tokyo Big Site Online
Dates Nov 29 to Dec 2 Nov 22 to Dec 15
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