October 13, 2023

NSK Ltd.
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NSK Welcomes Visitors to JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

  • NSK will exhibit a wide range of electrification products for driving, steering, and braking with an eye toward carbon neutrality
  • NSK's booth will also feature mobility solutions that go beyond the automobile, such as NSK's Active Casters and products for e-bikes

NSK will exhibit at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 26 to November 5, 2023. The concept for NSK's booth is “Mobilizing Tomorrow Today.”

NSK Booth NSK Booth

NSK Booth Concept “Mobilizing Tomorrow Today”

As the underlying design of the automobile is undergoing major change with electrification and the shift to EV, the importance of the three major functions – driving, steering, braking - will not change. NSK's products and technologies are contributing to electrification in each area as well as making possible advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving that combines these functions, and even beyond to the development of infrastructure that will be indispensable for the future of automobiles.

NSK is boldly challenging limits, creating components that are environmentally sustainable entirely on their own, and deploying technologies in increasingly diverse mobility applications.

Booth Overview

The main exhibits will include a wide range of products from individual components to integrated unit solutions for driving, steering, and braking of automobiles. There will be cutaway models, dynamic moving exhibits, and hands-on exhibits.

In mobility-related products, NSK will exhibit its Active Casters (for service robots) for the first time at an automotive show, as well as products for flying cars and e-bikes, which are expected to become new means of transportation in this age of diverse mobility.

Other exhibits will include a car mock-up of NSK's vision of the car of the future and a diorama depicting the carbon-neutral society achieved hand-in-hand with the car of the future.

The exhibits at the booth embody NSK's unending drive to respond to the multifaceted needs of society and support society as a global leader in mobility technology.

Main Exhibits

Selectable One-way Clutch (OWC) & Electric Clutch Pack for EV Shifting

Selectable One-way Clutch (OWC) & Electric Clutch Pack for EV Shifting
  • Two-speed parallel shaft eAxle with a simple structure
  • Selectable one-way clutch simplifies gear shift control
  • Increased torque at low speed with two-speed gear shift that enables the same motor to not only be used in passenger cars but also commercial vehicles and pickup trucks
  • NSK products highlighted in cutaway model

Non-Contact Torque Sensor for Drive Shafts

Non-Contact Torque Sensor for Drive Shafts
  • Non-contact torque sensor achieves cost effective torque sensing for mass-production vehicles
  • Torque feedback control enables seamless gear shifting and reverse input torque detection
  • Improved ease of installation and expanded product lineup
  • Hands-on exhibit: Test torque measurement and experience how sensing is performed

Electric Power Steering System (Single Pinion EPS)

Electric Power Steering System (Single Pinion EPS)
  • Large steering force (approx. 13 kN) can be generated for EVs with heavy vehicle weights
  • Cold-forged rack bars with variable gear ratios have been made smaller in diameter and lighter in weight
  • Equipped with a high-output MCU for cyber security and an ASIL-compliant torque angle sensor

High Efficiency Rear Wheel Steering Actuator (Locking Clutch)

  • Highly efficient linear actuator with a smaller motor and lower power consumption contributes to weight reduction and lower vehicle power consumption
  • Ball screw and locking clutch combination prevents reverse operation
  • Achieved a clutch design that can be unlocked with just a small amount of motor torque

Ball Screws for Electric-Hydraulic Brakes

Ball Screws for Electric-Hydraulic Brakes
  • Compact, lightweight, and highly reliable unit with ball recirculation groove and bearing integrated into the nut
  • Contributing to the advancement of safety technology, such as high response of automatic brakes
  • Hands-on exhibit: Control the braking action using a touch panel

Main Hands-On Exhibits

Power Flow Switching Device

Contributes to longer driving range and improved dynamic performance through a 2-speed transmission for EVs

Power Flow Switching Device

Ultra Low Friction HUB Unit Bearing for EV

Ultra Low Friction HUB Unit Bearing for EV

Mobility Exhibits

  • Active Casters
  • NSK products for e-Bike drive units
  • Motor hub unit with electric variable pitch mechanism
  • Gas turbine generator for flying cars (provided by Aero-Develop Japan) - Next generation Jet lubricated bearings

Other Exhibits

Other Exhibits

  • Seamless 2-speed eAxle
  • Wireless power charging system
  • Single pinion EPS
  • Highly efficient rear wheel steering actuator
Car Mock-Up: EV Equipped with NSK Products


The future of EV infrastructure consisting of four solutions in which NSK products play an active role

  • Battery swapping station
  • Charging stations
  • Wireless power supply while driving/stopped
  • Hydrogen station

Exhibition Name

Exhibition NameJAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023
VenueTokyo Bigsite
DatesOctober 26 - November 5, 2023
NSK BoothW3503 (West Hall 3/4)
Official WebsiteJAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

About NSK

NSK began its journey manufacturing the first bearings in Japan in 1916, and has since developed into a global organization researching, designing, and manufacturing Motion & Control™ solutions essential for mobility and industrial applications. NSK is the top supplier of bearings in Japan and is the third largest supplier in the world by market share.

Our responsive products and technologies enhance automotive performance and industrial productivity while reducing energy consumption to unprecedented low levels. In the early 1960s, we set our sights outside Japan and have established over 200 business locations in 30 countries alongside a vast network of joint ventures and partnerships in all corners of the world.