Press Release

NSK Receives Mukaidono Safety Award

  • NSK achieved a 48% reduction of workplace accidents through human resource development and risk assessment activities
  • NSK sponsored and supported SA/SSA (Safety Assessor) certification and is utilizing certified personnel to conduct safety assessments on an ongoing basis

NSK Group Manager Kenichiro Hara, Environment, Health & Safety Office receives the Mukaidono Safety Award on behalf of NSK.
NSK Group Manager Kenichiro Hara, Environment, Health & Safety Office receives the
Mukaidono Safety Award on behalf of NSK.

NSK received the 8th Mukaidono Safety Award for its achievements in safety-related human resource development and reduction of the number of workplace accidents, with an award ceremony at INTEX Osaka on May 11, 2023.

The Mukaidono Safety Award, administered by The Institute of Global Safety Promotion ( New Window ), is one of Japan's leading awards presented to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the maintenance, improvement, advancement, and dissemination of safety in the industrial field.

The Institute of Global Safety Promotion


NSK has positioned “Safety” as one of its core management values and continuously aims to improve the level of safety; in 2016, we positioned risk assessment activities (identifying, prioritizing, and determining on-site risks) as a pillar of our safety promotion activities. To promote this activity, we started promoting the acquisition of Safety Assessor (SA/SSA) certifications to reduce variation in safety and risk assessment knowledge among staff members and to enable them to perform accurate assessment based on a common understanding.

Safety Assessor is a third-party certification by Japan Certification Co. that certifies the ability to assess machine operation safety based on international safety standards to properly implement safety measures. By understanding safety scientifically and acquiring and implementing correct risk assessment knowledge, the probability of accidents occurring can be reduced.

Initiative details

In 2016, NSK brought in certification instructors to conduct on-site training starting at plants in Japan and China. All employees in or adjacent to manufacturing and safety are eligible to take the course, so that machinery operators and supervisors alike can acquire the correct knowledge to conduct high-quality risk assessments at all sites.

Since 2018, NSK established a risk assessment promotion system led by certified employees, and has efficiently reduced the number of accidents alongside initiatives toward safety enhancements in machinery.


The number of Safety Assessor (SA/SSA) certified employees at NSK has increased more than tenfold in six years, from less than 100 employees certified in 2015, to 624 in 2018, and to 1,005 in 2021. In addition, the number of occupational accidents in 2019-2021 (3 years) was reduced by 48% at NSK globally compared to 2016-2018 (3 years).

Future Plans

The NSK Group has positioned Safety, Quality, Environment, and Compliance as core management values, and under its mid-term plan (MTP2026), we have set the goal of reducing the number of occupational accidents again by 50% by 2026 (compared to 2021).

In addition to promoting the acquisition of safety qualifications, we will review risk assessments at each plant to improve their quality. In 2021, we will also start safety culture workshops to refresh employee awareness.