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NSK Publishes NSK Report 2018

NSK Report 2018
NSK Report 2018

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) has published the newest edition of its integrated annual report: NSK Report 2018.

In 2016, NSK overhauled and enhanced the format and content of its annual report, and renamed it “NSK Report.” The NSK Report provides a complete picture of the Company with a breakdown of mid- to long-term strategy and initiatives geared toward creating corporate value. The report systematically details both financial and non-financial aspects of the business for all stakeholders to deepen their understanding of the NSK Group. NSK has been awarded the WICI Japan Award for Excellence in Integrated Reporting for two years running (for NSK Report 2016 and 2017).

This year's report highlights our achievements and efforts in sustainable value creation in line with NSK Vision 2026, which conveys our aspirations for the future of the Company and society. This includes an in-depth guide on our approach to CSR/ESG management, and two comprehensive features on how the Company is Setting the Future in Motion: “Value Creation Through Technological Innovation for the Automobile" and "Vision 2026 Initiatives.”

The NSK Report is published to communicate with stakeholders, and we will continue to revise and improve based on reader feedback.