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NSK welcomes visitors to Future Forum 2

NSK VISION 2026 PROJECT: SENSE OF MOTION-Future Forum 2 Pilot program connecting the future of society and NSK

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) will be hosting SENSE OF MOTION-Future Forum 2, at Spiral Hall (Aoyama, Tokyo) on November 12, 2017.

Further, the results of this year's “Idea Dojo Project,” an internal initiative in which employees compete to create the best idea for the company, will be announced.

NSK is also happy to announce that the “SENSE OF MOTION” project, which started in 2016, was selected to receive a Good Design Award.

“SENSE OF MOTION“ -Future Forum 2
“SENSE OF MOTION” -Future Forum 2


In 2016, NSK celebrated its 100th anniversary and, to mark this event, we formulated NSK Vision 2026, which conveys our aspirations as a company for the next 10 years. At the center of this vision, the message “Setting the Future in Motion,” represents our commitment to bringing safety, reliability, and comfort to people's lives–enriching lifestyles and building a brighter future through our products and services. This will contribute to “creating a safer, smoother society” and “protecting the global environment” as set out by the NSK Mission Statement, and will stimulate the continued growth of NSK alongside society and its ever-changing needs.

SENSE OF MOTION-Future Forum and the Idea Dojo Project are implemented in an effort to realize NSK Vision 2026. These events, first held in 2016, will be held each year until 2026.

About the Idea Dojo Project

The Idea Dojo Project is a system in which employees are encouraged to submit ideas about anything related to the company; any field, any facet of work. There are several elimination phases, and employees across the company vote for the ideas they like best. Ultimately, the top ideas are given financial and organizational support to make them a reality. In 2016, one of the ideas chosen was “Let's make the best knife in the world!” This idea was selected for its vision and direct connection to consumers. By creating an exquisitely sharp and easy-to-use knife, we hope to bring a little more joy into the kitchen.

SENSE OF MOTION-Future Forum 2

NSK Future Forum is a platform that supports, nurtures, and connects thinkers and innovators striving to create the future. Interweaving ideas through discussion with pioneers in different fields is a step toward opening the door to a future of genuine prosperity for all. This year, under the theme “Setting the Future in Motion, Setting Today in Motion," NSK Future Forum 2 sets its sights on the new relationship between technology, the individual, and society at large: What might the future look like?

Basic Information

Date Sunday November 12, 2017
15:00 to 19:00 (doors open 14:30)
Venue Spiral Hall (3F)
5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Inquiries Tel:03-3498-1171 (Spiral)
Cost Free (advance registration required)
1000 Yen to participate in the social exchange held after the main forum panel discussions
Official website New Window

Program Schedule

  Outline & Speakers
Part 1 Keynote Takeshi Ikegami (Professor at University of Tokyo)
Part 2 LIFE Panel discussion on science technology and the future of creation
Yoichi Ochiai (Media artist), Kinya Tagawa (CEO Takram Co. Ltd.), Shiho Fukuhara (Bioartist).
Part 3 MAKE Panel discussion on the process from design to production to end user
Ken Endo (Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc., and CEO Xiborg Co. Ltd.), Fumie Shibata (Product designer), Emi Tamaki (PhD, Founder H2L Co. Ltd.).
Social Exchange
Vision Café Plus
“Let's make the best knife in the world!” Project team members will take the stage to report their progress on setting the future in motion. After, there will be the opportunity to talk with the speakers and panelists.

“SENSE OF MOTION” project receives Good Design Award

“SENSE OF MOTION” project receives Good Design Award

The NSK centennial project SENSE OF MOTION was bestowed with a Good Design Award. This project unites artists and employees as part of a communication strategy aimed at getting the tenets of NSK Vision 2026 to sink in across 30,000+ NSK employees around the globe. The project was highly evaluated by the judges for its future oriented goal framework aimed at the next 10 years, and the next 100 years, and for the clearly defined structure through which NSK will consistently and continuously strive to build its identity, increase awareness (both internal and external), and increase motivation toward its Vision and daily operations.

SENSE OF MOTION project goals:

1. Look beyond the company
Theme:“Reawaken the senses by setting the future in motion”
Spark new ideas by combining NSK products and technology with art.
2. Look within the company
Have artists explore NSK worksites with employees, and implement a new communication structure to help employees rediscover the joy of working at NSK plants.
3. Bring it all together
“NSK Future Forum” brings together employees, external creators, and entrepreneurs for an ongoing dialogue to cross-pollinate ideas across a wide range of fields.