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NSK Expands Size of Industrial Machinery High Performance Standard NSKHPS™ Series Of Large Spherical Roller Bearings


NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) announced that it has expanded the size of its high performance standard NSKHPS™ Series of large spherical roller bearings for Industrial Machinery.

NSK has added 400 to 600mm size range bearings to its NSKHPS™ Series of large spherical roller bearings. These bearings achieve twice the life of conventional bearings and offer 30% lower heat generation and dimensional stability under high temperatures (up to 200℃). NSKHPS™ bearings also help improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs by improving the reliability of industrial machines.

Development Background

NSK is strengthening its position in the aftermarket by focusing on the MRO (maintenance, repair, and operation) business. The MRO business demands comprehensive product power that adds reliability and after-sales service with superior product performance.

In response to these demands, NSK has been leveraging its development, design, material and production technologies to expand the lineup and performance of its standard bearings. Since NSK first introduced the NSKHPS™ Series of small spherical roller bearings back in 2004, it also added angular contact ball bearings in 2009, and deep groove ball bearings and small cylindrical roller bearings in 2013, as well as other bearings, for a total of six types of bearings ranging to a maximum size of 400mm.

Due to increased demand, NSK has expanded the size range of its NSKHPS™ spherical roller bearings to further strengthen its MRO business for a wide range of industrial machines.

New Product Features

NSK has independently researched the cause of damage that is specific to spherical roller bearings to develop technology that increases bearing life. In addition to this technology, NSK developed and applied low heat generation technology to produce the following features for these new bearings:

  1. Long life: The new NSKHPS™ bearings realize optimal friction of the outer ring and rollers and reduce the slip of the inner ring and rollers to offer twice the life of conventional bearings.
  2. Low heat generation: The cage and the guide ring design have been optimized to realize optimal tilting in the rollers creating 30% less heat generation of than that of conventional bearings.
  3. Dimensional stability under high temperatures: Heat treatment has been applied for dimensional stability for temperatures up to 200℃.

New Product Benefits

NSK contributes to improving productivity and lowering maintenance costs for its customers by increasing the reliability of industrial machines.

Major Industries Using Large Spherical Roller Bearings
NSKHPS™ Large Spherical Roller Bearings
NSKHPS™ Large Spherical Roller Bearings