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NSK to Exhibit at Auto China 2014 in Beijing

Wide Lineup of Products That Help Improve the Safety and Environmental Performance of Automobiles

Tokyo, Japan, April 22, 2014 - NSK Ltd. (NSK ; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) announced today that it will be exhibiting at Auto China 2014, a public motor show being held at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) in Beijing from April 21 (Monday) to April 29 (Tuesday).

NSK booth

Since its founding in 1916 nearly 100 years ago,NSK has developed technologies to reduce and control friction.NSK has become the No. 1 supplier of bearings for automobiles and a world leader in electronic power steering (EPS) as a comprehensive automobile components manufacturer. The company has positioned China as one of its most important markets by establishing an R&D center in Kunshan City in Jiangsu Province. In doing so,NSK is better able to develop products that meet the needs of the market in China. It is now working to grow the automobile industry in China and produce and sell high-quality products to contribute to a safe, comfortable and environment-friendly automobile society there. At Auto China 2014,NSK will exhibit state-of-the-art products and technology focused on improving safety and the environmental performance for automobiles.

In the field of safety,NSK will display EPS with moving models as an easy way for visitors to understand the technology. EPS uses an electronic control for precision motor control in order to provide a safer and more comfortable steering experience.NSK will also display its technical solutions for achieving high reliability and the sensor technology that is uses in its hub unit bearing sensors, which are indispensable in supporting the tires for safe and comfortable travel. In addition, as a concept model for high efficiency in EVs,NSK will display its wheel hub motor that is designed to provide precision control through the independent control of each wheel. This technology involves housing a drive motor in the hub of the wheel along with a low-friction hub unit bearing.

In the field of environment-related automotive technology,NSK will display its high-performance cartridge bearing for automotive turbochargers, which are being used more and more to improve fuel efficiency. In addition,NSK will display cutaway models of the many products it offers for all varieties of transmissions, including automatic transmissions (AT), hybrids (HEV), continuously variable transmissions (belt CVT) and dual-clutch transmissions (DCT)

In preparation for our 100th anniversary celebration in 2016,NSK is committed to further refining the technical prowess that it has created over the years to contribute to improved safety and environmental performance in automobiles.

Exhibition dates April 21 (Mon.) - April 29 (Tue.)
Press day: April 20 (Sun.)
NSK booth location W2-W03
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