Press Release

NSK Develops a New Midsize High-Speed SS Series Ball Screw and Support unit for High-Speed and Heavy-Load

World's fastest standard stock Ball Screw.

High-Speed SS Series Ball Screw and Support unit

Tokyo, Japan, November 6, 2012 - NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced that it will launch a new mid-size high-speed SS series ball screw and support unit for high-speed and heavy-load in February 2013. NSK is targeting one billion yen in sales for these products by 2015. NSK will display them at the 26th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF 2012), to be held from Thursday, November 1 to Tuesday, November 6 at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto ward, Tokyo).

Development background

In recent years, the demand for ball screws that feature higher speeds has increased along with the need for higher levels of productivity in machining tools and dedicated processing machines for such applications as automobile manufacturing equipment. Not only have the demands for higher speed increased, but also has the insistence on quicker delivery.

In order to meet the demand for higher speeds, NSK has utilized its proprietary high-speed, silent operation technology to develop the high-speed SS series as well as the midsize support unit that is compatible with high-speed and heavy load operations. Both of these products will be standard inventory, ensuring quick delivery.

Product features

1. High-speed ball screw, low heat generation support unit
Utilizing the strength of its proprietary high-speed and silent operation technology, NSK has been able to achieve a smooth ball circulation. This makes it possible to more than double the dn*1 allowance of conventional tube circulation methods for a high speed of 160,000, allowing for a maximum feed speed of 80 m/min.*2 In order to reduce the heat generated by the support bearing due to the increased speeds, NSK uses a low precompression type bearing in the support unit, which makes it possible to reduce the generated heat by as much as half.
  • *1. Shaft diameter d (mm) x rotational speed n (min-1)
  • *2. With a shaft diameter of 40 mm and a lead of 20 mm
2. Silent, low-vibration ball screw
The new circulation method NSK developed, utilizing the strength of its proprietary high-speed, silent operation technology, also reduces noise by up to 6 dBs (A) and reduces vibration levels to a maximum of one-half of that of the conventional tube type.
3. Quick delivery of the ball screw and support unit
The high-speed SS series ball screw and accommodating midsize, support unit for high-speed and heavy-load are both standard inventory parts, allowing for quick delivery.
4. Bountiful variation
NSK has put together a wide-ranging lineup of 33 ball screw variations and 10 support unit variations suited to machining tools and dedicated processing machines. In addition, the shaft end shape can be easily modified during post-processing for customized specifications.

Data sheet

NSK Standard Ball Screw
High-Speed SS Series Specifications

•Allowance dn: 160,000 (more than 2times that of conventional ball screws)
•Accuracy : JIS C5 class
•Preload type: offset lead preload (single nut)
•Shaft end form: block shaft end
•Installation dimensions: nut is interchangeable with conventional standard part
•Models/variations: Stock of 9 models and 33 variations to cover a wide range of shaft diameters, leads and shaft lengths

Shaft diameter/lead combinations; max feed speed [m/min]
Diameter/Lead 5mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm
Φ32mm 25 50      
Φ40mm 20 40 48 64 80
Φ45mm   35      
Φ50mm   32 38 51 64
*Red: planned
Shaft diameter, lead and shaft length combinations
unit: mm
Diameter Lead Screw shaft length
Φ32mm 5 650,950,1250,1550,1850
10 850,1050,1450,1850,2250
Φ40mm 10 950,1450,2100,2900
12 1450,2100,2900
16 1450,2100,2900
20 1450,2100,2900
Φ45mm 10 1450,2100,2900
Φ50mm 10 1450,1850,2350,2900
12 1450,2100,2900
High-Speed/Heavy Load Support Unit Lineup
Lineup and Application BS Shaft Diameter
Bearing ID Support Unit Application BS
Φ25mm WBK25DF-31H Φ32mm
Φ30mm WBK30DF-31H Φ40mm
Φ35mm WBK30DFD-31H Φ45mm
Φ40mm WBK40DF-31H Φ50mm