Press Release

NSK Develops Ultra-Low Friction Roller Clutch for Fishing Bait Reels

Innovation Delivers Improved Reel Operation

Tokyo, Japan, January 26, 2010 - NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) announced that it has developed an ultra-low friction roller clutch* for fishing bait reels that reduces overrunning friction by 90% compared to conventional roller clutches, to enhance reel operation and reeling feel. The company targets annual sales of 100 million yen for this product by 2012.

* Roller clutch: Used to prevent reverse rotation during reeling. The roller clutch overruns during reeling. When there is a tug on the line, the rollers drop onto the wedged face of the outer raceway to securely lock the roller clutch in one direction only.

Ultra-Low Friction Roller Clutch for Fishing Bait Reels

Development background

Anglers demand fine control over their lures, and they want reels that deliver a light touch combined with a direct feel and minimal play when reeling. In addition, fishing is growing in popularity among women in recent years, creating demand for reels that offer a light reeling feel. These factors are driving the demand to lower the load resistance (overrunning friction) that occurs when overrunning the roller clutch in fishing reels.

Product features

Overrunning friction reduced by 90% compared with conventional roller clutches
The new NSK roller clutch achieves ample spring stroke by employing a cantilever-shaped spring, and is optimized for the thickness, width and height of the spring plate. These enhancements reduce the spring force that creates load resistance during reeling. Reels equipped with the new roller clutch reel with less force, and reliably lock against slight tugs on the line from fish bites (“hits”) to ensure a successful catch.
Superior rust resistance
Outer raceway is treated for rust resistance and a stainless steel spring is used to ensure utmost reliability under the harshest sea and coastal conditions.
Simplifies assembly for reel manufacturing process
Outside circumference of outer raceway is grooved, so that rotation can be prevented by lightly press-fitting the roller clutch into a housing, to simplify assembly for reel manufacturing.