Press Release

NSK Develops Highly Rigid, High Output Built-in Motor Spindle for Machine Tools

Designed to Improve Medium- to Low-Speed Machining Capability for Automobile Parts Machining in Developing Countries

Tokyo, Japan, December 14, 2009 – NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) announced today that it has developed a highly rigid, high output built-in motor spindle for machine tools used for machining automobile parts.

Highly Rigid, High Output Built-in Motor Spindle for Machine Tools

China and other developing countries are vigorously building up their production capacity for automobiles and other products, which has resulted in growing demand for machining tools. There is also a greater need for these machining centers to be able to make deep cuts while withstanding enormous external force at medium- to low-speed rotation. Moreover, demands to reduce environmental impact are gradually mounting. NSK's newly developed product increases the efficiency of machining parts through both higher rigidity and higher output. Adoption of a lubricating system that replenishes the bearings with tiny amounts of grease will help extend the product life, create more comfortable work environments, and contribute to energy savings. NSK will launch this product in January 2010 and expects annual sales to reach 1.5 billion yen by fiscal 2012.

Product features

High rigidity and high output
  • The maximum speed of revolution for this product is set at 12,000 min-1 for medium- to low-speed rotation. At 80 mm, it has a one of the largest bearing bore diameters in the BT40/HSK-A63 class, which is a tool size that is used commonly for machining automobile parts. Rigidity has been enhanced and metal machining capability has been increased by 30% through fixed position preloading and grease replenishing lubrication.
  • The acceleration time from zero to maximum speed has been reduced by 10% through the adoption of a high output built-in motor with a maximum output of 30 kW.
  • A compact design provides interchangeability with conventional medium output spindles.
Low vibration and low noise
  • Adoption of grease lubrication eliminates wind noise such as that accompanying oil-air lubrication, and the noise has been reduced to less than 1/3 the conventional product.
  • Low vibration was achieved with multi-plane balance correction.
Low environmental impact
  • Adoption of grease lubrication eliminates consumption of oil and air for bearing lubrication and means that bearing lubrication oil is not sprayed into the air.

NSK's built-in motor spindles

In 2002, NSK developed the world's first high-speed spindle capable of a maximum speed of  20,000 min-1 using grease replenishing lubrication, and the company has been marketing these high-speed built-in motor spindles since 2003. Now, NSK has enhanced rigidity and output beyond that of its conventional product and has developed a highly rigid high output built-in motor spindle that can improve machining capability at medium- to low-speed. In the future, NSK will continue developing spindles to meet emerging demand and needs.