Certified AIP Partners

At NSK, we are continuing our drive towards full technical and customised services through the transition of authorised distributors to a specialist network of Certified AIP Partners able to deliver total solutions. As one of these partners, you will be competent at investigating and solving technical issues, and offer specific applications and sector know-how. You will provide MRO project leadership and be knowledgeable in NSK’s entire product portfolio. In short, becoming a Certified AIP Partner will add value to your business via the potential to grow revenue and enhance your professional reputation.


Becoming a Certified AIP Partner will help to…


• Increase sales through your newly-qualified certification and capability 

• Achieve greater kudos with customers thanks to your strong relationship with NSK

• Improve customer service through your comprehensive NSK product knowledge

• Boost customer support with the availability and demonstration of AIP maintenance tools

• Gain more publicity and promotion via NSK press releases and online portals

• Ultimately improve your competitive edge in the local region