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NSK LTD. Saitama Plant

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NSK LTD. Saitama Plant
Location 1-1 Ohnuma, Hanyu City, Saitama 348-8506, Japan
Phone +81-48-565-1111
Site area 280,627㎡
Number of employees 746 (as of March 31, 2021)
Products Automotive products (tapered roller bearings, and continuously variable transmissions [CVT])
Third-Party Certifications
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO/TS 16949
Access by Train
10 minutes by taxi from the Hanyu Station.

The Saitama Plant manufactures tapered roller bearings and CVTs for use in automotive transmissions and wheels. Bearings are manufactured entirely in-house, from casting through to assembly.

Main products of Saitama Plant
1975 Building No.1 completed and operations started.
1981 Building No.2 completed.
1982 Kita-Kanto Logistic Center established.
1985 Building No.4 completed.
1989 Building No.6 completed.
1992 Building No.3 completed.

Summary of the environmental and social initiatives implemented at the Saitama Plant.

1. Environmental Initiatives

Organic waste processing machine
Organic waste processing machine
Briquetting Machine for Grinding Swarf Reduces Waste
Grinding swarf make up the largest proportion of waste produced by the Saitama Plant. All grinding swarf were previously recycled for use in cement, but the plant has deployed a briquetting machine that compacts and solidifies grinding swarf, enabling the plant to collect and reuse grinding liquid. This change reduced the amount of waste produced and also improved the recyclability of grinding swarf for use as a raw material for steel.
Reduction of Cafeteria Organic Waste and CO2 Emissions
The plant cafeteria produces organic waste, which generates CO2 through incineration. The Saitama Plant has installed a processing machine that uses microbiological action to turn organic waste into fertilizer, enabling the plant to divert more than 10 tonnes of waste from incineration and reduce CO2 emissions.

2. Contributing to the Local Communities

Community clean-up program
Experience packing work
  • Work experience for students
  • Sponsorship of various sports events

(As of June 30, 2010)