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NSK LTD. Ohtsu Plant

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NSK LTD. Ohtsu Plant
Location 1-16-1, Seiran, Ohtsu City, Shiga, 520-0833, Japan
Phone +81-77-537-1600
Site area 70,723㎡
Number of employees 534 (as of March 31, 2021)
Products Industrial machinery bearings, automotive products (ball bearings and unit products)
Third-Party Certifications
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
Access by Train
15 minutes by train from the Kyoto Station

The Ohtsu Plant manufactures bearings used for home appliances (vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air-conditioning units) and IT equipment (copiers, printers), and automotive bearings used for car engines and electrical components.

Main products of Otsu Plant
1953 Nishi Nippon Seiko established in Shiga, Japan (now Ohtsu Plant)
1956 Heat treatment facility constructed.
1957 Main building and grinding plant No.5 constructed.
1966 Nishi Nippon Seiko merges with NSK Ltd. and becomes Ohtsu Plant.
1970 Building No.1 constructed.
1982 Building No.2 constructed.
1991 Bearing unit plant constructed in April 1991.
1998 Ohtsu Plant and Ishibe Plant consolidated and renamed Shiga Plant (presently Ohtsu Plant).
2003 50th anniversary of Ohtsu Plant.
2004 Ishibe Plant branched off from Ohtsu Plant.

Summary of the environmental and social initiatives implemented at the Ohtsu Plant.

1. Environmental Initiatives

Use of highly efficient equipment at the Ohtsu Plant
Use of highly efficient equipment at the Ohtsu Plant
Reducing CO2 Emissions
Since fiscal year 2003, the Ohtsu Plant has made systematic progress on changing the hydraulic power units for processing machine to models which conserve more space and energy. For each unit replaced, CO2 emissions have decrease by three tons annually. Through September 30, 2009, eighty-six units had been replaced as part of an ongoing upgrade program. In addition, the plant installed inverter conversions for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning and production equipment, and switched over to large-capacity motors and high-efficiency lighting fixtures.

2. Contributing to the Local Communities

Community clean-up program
Community clean-up program
  • Funding and donation of care and rehabilitation equipment
  • Participation in plastic bottle cap collection drive to benefit social welfare organizations
  • Clean-up initiative for Lake Biwa

(As of September 30, 2009)