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Representative Fumio Ogiso, President
Capital 300 million yen
Location 774 Aza Nissei, Furukawa, Ukiha-machi, Ukiha-shi, Fukuoka 839-1405, Japan
Phone +81-943-77-3110
Land area 152,531㎡
Number of employees 529(as of March 31, 2021)
Products Precision Machinery and Parts (Ball Screws)
ISO Certifications
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

NSK Kyushu Co., Ltd. manufactures small- to medium-sized precision ball screws, which are used in precision positioning systems. Following a production restructuring, NSK Kyusyu will begin manufacturing all sizes of ball screws in the future, including large-sized ball screws. Ball screws are used in applications ranging from medical equipment, machines used in the automotive industry, and machine tools to general industrial machines.

1995 NSK Kyushu Co., Ltd. established
1996 Construction of building No.1 completed
1998 Construction of building No.2 completed
NSK Green Stadium completed (open to the public, this football stadium has a natural grass pitch).
2001 Construction of building No.3 completed
2004 Building No.2: Renewal as precision ball screws plant
2005 Accumulative production of precision ball screws reached 500,000.
2007 Building No.1: Renewal as precision ball screws plant
Accumulative production of precision ball screws reached 1 million
2010 Building No.1: Expansion and renewal of large-sized ball screw plant

Summary of the environmental and social initiatives implemented at the NSK Kyushu Co., Ltd.

1. Environmental Initiatives

NSK Kyushu Co., Ltd. has been engaging in a variety of activities as part of its environmental initiatives, including safety measures regarding chemical substances and measures aiming at energy saving. The following section provides information on initiatives that were introduced to reduce the consumption of materials used for the distribution of products.

Initiative to reduce the consumption of materials used for distribution within the plant
At NSK Kyushu Co., Ltd., we transport and store boxed products and parts by stacking them on pallets. Previously, all our pallets were made of wood. However, the fact that wooden pallets chip easily and produce waste on the floor of the plant and the fact that they have to be replaced after approximately four years due to damage, made us replace the wooden pallets with durable plastic pallets in 2007. With a service life of eight to ten years, plastic pallets last significantly longer than wooden pallets. As a result, we have been able to reduce our wood consumption by nearly five tonnes per year.
Replacing the wooden pallets with durable plastic pallets
Environmental measures for packing and packaging materials
Since 2004, we have been conducting activities to maintain the quality of the packing and packaging materials we use for shipping and to reduce their environmental impact.
We used to ship in boxes made of wood and reinforced corrugated cardboard, but we have started using boxes made completely of corrugated cardboard to facilitate recycling of the boxes as waste paper. We have also started to introduce reusable containers made of durable plastic materials so that we can use such containers repeatedly. Our use of reusable containers is gradually increasing as a result of the cooperation of our customers.

2. Contributing to the Local Communities

Opened NSK Green Stadium
Opened NSK Green Stadium
  • Opened NSK Green Stadium (football stadium)
  • Clean-up activities in the vicinity of the company

(As of March, 2010)