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NSK LTD. Ishibe Plant

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NSK Ltd. Ishibe Plant
Location 1-1-1, Ishibegaoka, Konan City, Shiga 520-3180, Japan
Phone +81-748-77-3161
Site area 185,910㎡
Number of employees 759(as of March 31, 2021)
Products Automotive products (hub unit bearings, ball bearings, other products)
Third-Party Certifications
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO/TS16949
Access by Train
40 minutes by train from the Kyoto station.

The Ishibe Plant manufactures automotive wheel bearings that support tires and bearings used in automotive transmissions and engines.

Main products of Ishibe Plant
1959 Ishibe Plant of Nishi Nippon Seiko established.
1966 Nishi Nippon Seiko merges with NSK Ltd. and becomes Otsu Plant.
1969 Part of Ohtsu Plant splits off and becomes Ishibe Plant.
1974 E1 Plant constructed.
1980 E3 Plant constructed.
1985 E4 Plant constructed.
1988 E6 Plant constructed.
1990 E7 Plant constructed.
1998 Otsu Plant and Ishibe Plant consolidated and renamed Shiga Plant.
1998 Operated as Shiga-Ishibe Plant.
2004 Ishibe Plant splits off from Shiga Plant.

Summary of environmental and social initiatives implemented at the Ishibe Plant.

1. Environmental Initiatives

The Ishibe Plant is located near the Yasu River, which feeds Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan. The proximity of the plant to Lake Biwa inspired the following slogan for the plant's environment conservation initiatives: “For Lake Biwa, respect the earth and think about the future.”

Initiatives for Surrounding Residential Communities
The Ishibe Plant places a strong emphasis on initiatives that benefit the surrounding residential communities. In order to reduce noise, the plant has installed noise-proof covers around equipment and sound-deadening panels on plant buildings. In addition, the plant has made improvements to its heat treatment process to reduce odor. The plant also organizes a meeting every year to meet with local community representatives in order to gather feedback about its environmental performance.
Underground tank removed
Underground tank removed
Measures of Waste Reduction
The Ishibe Plant extensively separates waste to enable recycling of most waste such as discarded grindstones, soft and hard plastics, paper scraps, wood scraps, safety footwear, work uniforms, vinyl gloves, fluorescent tubes, beverage bottles, grinding swarf, metals scraps, waste liquids, and sludge. The plant is implementing ongoing initiatives to further improve the separation of waste and reduce the production of waste destined for incineration.
Preventing Soil Contamination
The Ishibe Plant has taken measures to prevent soil and ground water pollution from oil leaks. In fiscal year 2009, the plant removed an underground tank that was no longer needed following fuel conversion.

2. Contributing to the Local Communities

Employee holding flag for children going to school in the rain
Volunteering as school crogging guard
  • Employees volunteer as school crogging guards
  • Community clean-up program
  • Work introduction sessions for local junior high schools
  • Cooperation with community events
  • Cooperation with community social welfare facilities

(As of June 30, 2010)