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NSK LTD. Fujisawa Plant/Fujisawa Technology Center

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NSK Ltd., Fujisawa Plant
Location 1-5-50 Kugenumashinmei, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa 251-8501, Japan
Phone Fujisawa Plant: +81-466-21-3111
Site area 166,969㎡
Number of employees 1,110(plant, as of March 31, 2021)
Products Industrial machinery bearings (roller bearings, large-size rolling bearings, ball bearings, other products)
Third-Party Certifications
  • ISO9001
  • EN/JISQ/AS9100
  • ISO14001
Access by Train
5 minutes walk from the Fujisawa Station.

The Fujisawa Plant manufactures a full range of small to ultra-large bearings for applications ranging from rail vehicles and machine tools to steel production machinery and wind turbines.


1937 Established as a steel ball plant.
1938 Bearing plant constructed.
1961 Technology and research center established on the grounds of Fujisawa Plant.
1970 Operation of steel ball plant transferred from Fujisawa Plant to Shin Nippon Kokyu Co., Ltd.
1985 Precision bearing plant constructed.
2008 Production aunched at No.2 Fujisawa Plant.

Summary of the environmental and social initiatives implemented at the Fujisawa Plant and at Fujisawa Technology Center.

1. Environmental Initiatives

The Fujisawa Plant has the longest history of any of the NSK plants. It manufactures a full range of small to ultra-large bearings, producing both ball and roller bearings. The Fujisawa Technology Development Center engages in the development and design of bearings, precision machinery and parts, and automotive products. Due to the plant's location in a residential area, extensive measures are taken to reduce noise and vibration.

Initiatives by the Fujisawa Plant for Surrounding Residential Communities
Initiatives by the Fujisawa Plant for Surrounding Residential Communities
The Fujisawa Plant places a strong emphasis on fire and disaster prevention, and has formed an in-house disaster prevention team as a special project. The plant also engages in resource conservation and recycling initiatives, manages environmentally harmful substances, and cooperates with other NSK plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as a measure against global warming.

CSR Report [PDF]

Development of Environmentally Friendly Products by the Fujisawa Technology Center
The Fujisawa Technology Center has been employing NSK Eco-Efficiency Indictors (Neco) since fiscal year 2009 to quantitatively measure the environmental friendliness of products and further the development of eco-friendly products. Read more about Neco in the NSK CSR Report 2009 (p.30-33).

2. Contributing to the Local Communities

Community clean-up program
Community clean-up program
  • Community clean-up program
  • Sponsorship of community sports events
  • Invitation of children to science classes
  • Cooperation with community festivals
  • Sending employees to schools as temporary instructors

(As of September 30, 2009)