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NSK Launches D-VibA10 in India – Diagnoses Machinery Health to Prevent Unplanned Downtime

  • Wireless Vibration Diagnostic Device D-VibA10 now available in India
  • Connects to NSK app to diagnose bearing health (detect damage and wear)
  • Customers can prevent unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance/replacement schedules

NSK has launched the D-VibA10 in India. Available today, the compact, high-performance device can quickly diagnose the condition of rotating machinery.

The D-VibA10 is ready to meet diverse needs in the India market as NSK works closely with customers to level-up plant maintenance strategies and the monitoring of machine health. NSK is expanding device availability globally following a positive reception in Japan and China.

D-VibA10 Wireless Vibration Diagnostic Device
Wireless Vibration Diagnostic Device

Attaches to Rotating Machinery to Diagnose Health
Attaches to Rotating Machinery to
Diagnose Health

What is D-VibA10?

The D-VibA10 is a portable, palm-sized vibration diagnostic device.

The device magnetically attaches to machinery to quickly diagnose flaking and other modes of bearing damage with results viewable on-site in the Android app.

Assessing bearing health helps optimize bearing maintenance and replacement timing and is vital to avoid unplanned downtime due to sudden machine failure.


  1. Easy Setup and Use
    • Wireless – Measure machinery with safety doors or protective housings
    • Magnetic base for easy attachment and removal from machinery
    • Portable and lightweight – Ideal for maintenance patrols
  2. NSK App ‘Acous Navi’ New Window – Advanced Vibration Analysis and Damage Diagnosis
    • Scan for damage and determine the health of rotating machinery
    • Vibration meter, FFT analysis, oscilloscope
    • Android App – Set parameters and check diagnosis results on-site
  3. NSK Bearing Database
    • Simply select the bearing designation (product number) and attach to the machine to diagnose health

Vibration Measurement
Vibration Measurement

FFT Analysis
FFT Analysis

Time Domain Wave
Time Domain Wave

Bearing Diagnosis
Bearing Diagnosis

Vibro-Data Manager – Data Management Software for Windows PCs

Export data from the Android app to the Vibro-Data Manager software for Windows PCs.

On PC, you can check trend graphs to monitor changes in equipment vibration values and compare waveforms to visually grasp the health of the bearing (machine).

Convert data to CSV file format and automatically create diagnosis reports.

Vibro-Data Manager: Auto Diagnosis Report
Vibro-Data Manager:
Auto Diagnosis Report


For purchase or other inquiries, please contact your local NSK sales representative.

You can also use the Acous Navi contact form New Window .

Download the Acous Navi App for D-VibA10

Download the Acous Navi App for D-VibA10

D-VibA10 Product Specifications

D-VibA10 Product Specifications