Press Release

NSK and Cyfuse Collaborating to Develop New Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

NSK and Cyfuse Biomedical have agreed to collaborate in the development of new technologies for regenerative medicine and cellular therapy products. NSK will draw on its strength in mechatronic and precision positioning technologies to contribute to advanced solutions in this emerging field.

In recent years, NSK has been promoting “NSK Vision 2026: Setting the Future in Motion” which describes a ten-year vision based on NSK's corporate philosophy rooted in Motion & Control™. NSK aims to contribute to society through the co-creation of value that meets the expectations of the world in tandem with the further development of NSK businesses.

NSK, a leader in mechatronics and precision positioning technologies, will contribute to the development of solutions for “3D cellular products” by Cyfuse. Cyfuse has been developing 3D cellular products for regenerative medicine such as nerve conduits, artificial blood vessels, and bone and cartilage, utilizing its proprietary bio 3D printer technology that enables the creation of advanced cell structures. As Cyfuse aims to bring innovative treatment options using 3D cell products to society as quickly as possible, NSK and Cyfuse will collaborate to commercialize innovative solutions in this field. The synergies between the two companies will accelerate the practical application and advancement of regenerative medicine.

NSK will continue to contribute to a safe and smooth society through its Motion & Control technology.

Cyfuse Company Profile

Cyfuse ( New Window ) manufactures bio 3D printers that automate and incorporate a unique fundamental technology (bio 3D printing) to create 3D tissue using only cells, without using artificial scaffold material. The company develops and markets the Regenova®*96+ and S-PIKE® bio 3D printers, which automate the production of bio 3D printing, and also performs contract manufacturing of 3D cell products utilizing this technology. For more information on Cyfuse's business, fundamental technology, 3D cellular product development, bio 3D printers, etc., please visit our video site “CYCHANNEL” ( New Window ).