Press Release

NSK Launches ACOUS NAVI™ Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Software for FIELD System

On April 16, 2021, NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Akitoshi Ichii) will start sales of “ ACOUS NAVI (FIELD System), ” a condition monitoring and diagnostic application compatible with “ FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive system ” (FIELD system), an open software platform for the manufacturing industry.

NSK is targeting 500 million yen in sales of this product and related services by 2026.


ACOUS NAVI is a complete solution designed to monitor the operating status of machine components and detect or predict signs of damage or deterioration. It is provided to customers as an application that can be installed on a PC or as a pre-installed solution on dedicated hardware.

The ACOUS NAVI lineup includes three main versions to monitor and diagnose the status of bearings, ball screws, and linear guides.


Availability on FIELD System

From April 16, 2021, ACOUS NAVI for Bearings and ACOUS NAVI for Ball Screws will be downloadable from FANUC’s FIELD System. The packages can be installed on “ FIELD System BOX ” industrial computing systems. Availability will begin in Japan with gradual expansion to other regions.

1. ACOUS NAVI for Bearings (FIELD system)

ACOUS NAVI for Bearings detects and diagnoses bearing flaking and other damage and wear based on readings from a vibration sensor mounted near the bearing.

Our unique vibration data processing technology can detect and diagnose bearing flaking caused by rolling fatigue, ingress of contamination, and excessive load.

2. ACOUS NAVI for Ball Screws (FIELD system)

ACOUS NAVI for Ball Screws detects and diagnoses ball screw wear based on readings from a vibration sensor mounted on the nut of the ball screw.

Our unique vibration data processing technology can detect and diagnose ball screw wear caused by lubrication issues, ingress of contamination, and other causes.

ACOUS NAVI Expert Service

In June 2021, NSK will launch a two new paid services to further support customers using ACOUS NAVI for predictive maintenance of machinery and equipment.

  • Service 1: Detailed data analysis service: NSK engineers will perform advanced analysis of vibration data.
  • Service 2: Investigation service: NSK engineers will survey and analyze damaged or deteriorated bearings and ball screws.

These services comprise comprehensive investigation of the causes of damage and deterioration of bearings and ball screws and the planning and proposal of countermeasures, thereby contributing to customers' efforts to establish predictive maintenance systems and to extend machinery maintenance periods.

ACOUS NAVI website

Further details and developments will be announced on the ACOUS NAVI website.