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NSK Welcomes Visitors to JIMTOF 2018

Come see the future of machine tools

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) will exhibit its products and technologies at the 29th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF), to be held at Tokyo Big Site from November 1-6, 2018.

Machine tools are the backbone of industry, serving as essential infrastructure to make components for other machines. NSK is proud to be the only major company to research, develop, and manufacture precision bearings, balls screws, linear guides, and spindles, the four core components of machine tools.

Drawing on our vast expertise in the sector, we are excited to present a wide range of new and future technologies to boost machining performance, achieve energy savings, increase productivity, enable easier automation, and visualize component and system health. NSK's world class solutions are ready to keep your business competitive with the highest level of reliability and extensive features designed specifically to meet the needs of machine tool customers.

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At NSK, we strive to bring real solutions to the real challenges of today and tomorrow. We love to push the limits of precision and build-in innovative ideas and new capabilities, but that's not all. We are always in plants and on shop floors, engaging closely with customers to understand the intersection of theory and reality. Ultimately we drive these insights into real solutions customers can truly appreciate: solutions that offer more than just higher specifications. Our unique technology and methods and our commitment to customers will continue to pave the path to the future of machine tools and manufacturing. What is your vision? The future is on the drawing board.

Join us at JIMTOF to learn how NSK can support your business with more than precision.


Major Exhibits

ACOUS NAVI™ Condition Monitoring & Diagnostic Software

Benefits: Visualization of critical information

ACOUS NAVI was born nearly two decades ago as an internal tool for our engineers to monitor and analyze bearing condition. ACOUS NAVI is trusted by experienced technicians for its ability to quickly and easily analyze the health of equipment and machinery. Despite its advanced analysis capabilities, the software has been designed so that even new hires can quickly understand and apply the available tools.

ACOUS NAVI enables and facilitates the implementation of preventative maintenance and condition monitoring systems, providing customers with the information they need to troubleshoot problems and keep operations running smoothly.

Ultra-High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings With New SURSAVE™ Cage

 Ultra-High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings With New SURSAVE Cage
Benefits: Improved machining performance, energy savings
  • Reduced NRRO by 50% during high-speed operation.
  • Reduced torque by 20%. Lower torque contributes to energy savings and lower heat generation.
  • Achieved high-speed performance of dmn 3 million.

Air Bearing Spindle With Ultra-High-Speed Air Turbine

Benefits: Improved machining performance
  • Ultra-high speeds (MAX 120,000min-1) achieved with high-efficiency air turbine.
  • Ultra-low NRRO (0.05µm) achieved with high-precision air bearing design.

High Durability Precision Ball Screws

High-Speed Low-Noise Ball Screws
Benefits: Long term, stable operation
  • High resistance to wear with new surface processing technology applied to raceway.
  • Maintains accuracy life over more work (longer life with high positioning accuracy).
  • Contributes to maintenance-free operation over longer periods.

Highly Dust-Resistant V1 Seals & V1 Bottom Seals for Roller Guides

Highly Dust-Resistant V1 Seals & V1 Bottom Seals for Roller Guides
Benefits: Improved machining performance, energy savings
  • Optimized seal lip design simultaneously achieves high dust resistance and low friction.
  • Made with highly wear-resistant material for long-term sealing performance.

Feature Exhibit - NSK HOOP

Feature Exhibit - NSK HOOP

NSK's XY-table technology puts on a show skillfully “hula hooping” a ring with impeccable precision. The complex performance would typically call for an array of sensors to guide the motion, but NSK's advanced control technology makes the display possible without a single sensor.


Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Name JIMTOF 2018
Dates & Time November 1-6, 2018
Venue Tokyo Big Site (Tokyo, Japan)
NSK Booth West Hall 2, Booth No. W2027
Official Website New Window