Press Release

NSK Donates Bicycle Helmets to Elementary Schools

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) celebrated its 100th anniversary on November 8, 2016. To commemorate this occasion, the company donated bicycle helmets to children in Shinagawa ward elementary schools who did not yet own one. As a result, every child in Shinagawa ward who rides a bicycle now owns a helmet.

This initiative took place as part of our social contribution activities on the themes of “development of the next generation, and mutual harmony and benefit with communities.” The hope is to help reduce injuries when children ride their bicycles.

Presenting the helmets to principals in Shinagawa
Presenting the helmets to principals in Shinagawa
Coverage: A total of 38 elementary schools in Shinagawa
Helmets were given to children who did not own one by each elementary school
Helmets were presented in March 2017 Total number of helmets donated: 1,700
Additional helmets will be donated as needed in May of each year

Elementary schools in Shinagawa ward are working to bolster traffic safety education, prevent accidents while cycling, and promote helmet use. For its part, NSK aims to contribute to a safer, smoother society as part of its corporate philosophy. NSK is working hard on product development and quality improvement, while seeking to raise the reliability of machines that use its products.

As part of NSK's efforts to contribute to society on its 100th anniversary, the company considered the bearings used in bicycles, and decided to take this new initiative to help build a safer society from the viewpoint of cyclists. NSK is working with neighboring elementary schools to achieve this goal in Shinagawa ward, where it was founded.

The NSK Group's CSR

NSK has been in business for more than a century, having established itself as the first manufacturer of bearings in Japan. As one of the world's leading bearing manufacturers today, NSK is contributing to the development of industries worldwide by responsively and precisely meeting the diverse needs of customers across the globe. Building on a foundation of Motion & Control, NSK develops and supplies bearings together with automotive products including steering components and precision machinery and parts. NSK products include bearings that ensure that many different kinds of machinery operate smoothly, including automobile components, household appliances, Shinkansen and other railcars, railway network equipment, steelmaking equipment, and more. In all these areas, NSK seeks to raise the reliability and safety of equipment and to support energy efficiency.

The NSK Group regards its fundamental corporate activity as contributing to smoothly-running, safe societies, protection of the global environment, and the realization of sustainable societies through the supply of those products―that is, through the Group's main business. The NSK Group aims to achieve greater corporate value and sustainable growth by ensuring that all directors and employees are firmly aware of the Group's roles and by making sincere efforts to contribute to business growth and society by taking the perspective of customers and other stakeholders.

NSK's social contribution activities

NSK focuses on several important themes in its social contribution activities, including promotion of science and technology, development of the next generation, and mutual harmony and benefit with communities. In order to achieve these goals, NSK provides aid to research institutions, offers scholarships, welcomes interns, provides lectures on bearing technology, supports afforestation, and donates filtration equipment to elementary schools outside Japan so that children can have safe drinking water.