Press Release

NSK announces launch of “NSK Grease” for MRO of Rolling Bearings in industrial machinery

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) announced that the NSK Grease product lineup, tailor-made for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of rolling bearings in industrial machinery, is now available for purchase. The grease represents the culmination of a century of tribology* research and technological achievement at NSK.

* Tribology is the study of friction and wear of contact surfaces in relative motion. It also comprises related efforts to control friction through lubrication and material technology.

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NSK Grease for MRO



Although NSK procures Japan-made grease for clients around the world, we will be able to more rapidly respond to the diverse needs of our customers by making available a selection of our proprietary greases designed to meet the unique requirements of maintenance and repair work of rolling bearings in industrial machinery.

Product Details

The lineup, which features lithium-soap thickened, mineral oil-based grease, includes two multi-purpose greases designed for use under normal operating conditions and one grease designed for heavy-load scenarios. The NSK Grease lineup is characterized by excellent water-resistance, excellent corrosion-resistance, low-evaporation, and a wide functional temperature range (-10 to 110℃). Designed in Japan with product planning by our Singapore division, the lineup will first be available in ASEAN/Oceania countries, with worldwide availability soon to follow.


Grease Type Multi-Purpose Heavy-load
NLGI Consistency 2 3 2
Use Industrial

Grease Performance Comparison Test Results: (NSK Grease vs equivalent greases)

Grease Name Load
Seizure resistance Wear resistance Low temperature Load resistance Fretting resistance Anti-Rust properties Oxidation stability
NSKGM2 Light
NSKGM3 Light
NSKGP2 Heavy
─:Not applicable
○:Equivalent performance
◎:NSK product has superior performance

For more information on NSK Grease, please contact your local sales or technical representative.