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NSK Recognized with IR Award from the Japan Investor Relations Association


NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) today announced that it has been honored with the Best IR Award, as part of the 2016 (21st) IR Award, organized by the Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA). This is NSK's first time to win the award.

The purpose of the IR Awards is to identify and recognize companies that have achieved outstanding results in the area of investor relations. This includes being actively engaged in IR activities based on a deep understanding of their importance, and obtaining a high level of regard from market participants. Of the 258 companies that applied for the 2016 IR Award, a total of 14 companies were honored: the IR Grand Prix was given to two companies, the Best IR Award to seven, the IR Special Award to three, and the Best IR Award for Small and Mid-cap Companies to two.

The reasons for NSK's selection for the Best IR Award are as follows (excerpted from the JIRA news release).

“NSK's timely quarterly information disclosure and presentation materials with extensive information are highly commended. Less-easy-to-understand aspects of its business model, which stem partly from being engaged in a B-to-B business, has been well complemented by excellent materials and useful data for analysis. Top management openly engages with investors and always explains matters clearly. The IR Division thoroughly responds to analysts and institutional investors, as well as to inquiries from individual investors, by keeping appropriate disclosure in mind. Given their recent high IR evaluation, ESG information disclosure is something to look forward to in the future.”

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NSK is actively promoting information disclosure and dialogue with investors. Going forward, the company aims to improve its corporate value through prompt, fair and appropriate disclosure of business strategies and financial information, as well as non-financial information―environmental, social and governance (ESG) updates. NSK is committed to meeting the expectations of all stakeholders on an ongoing basis.