Press Release

NSK Introduces 100th Anniversary Project: New NSK Exercise

Exercise That Creates New Motion

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Toshihiro Uchiyama) will celebrate its 100th anniversary on November 8, 2016. As a way to mark the occasion, NSK is introducing a new NSK staff exercise regimen at all branches worldwide.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, NSK has established the NSK Vision 2026 as a statement of what the NSK Group will achieve in the next 10 years. With each individual in the NSK Group taking new steps and setting the future in motion, NSK will grow along with today's ever-changing society. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, NSK is carrying out a variety of projects to create new motion, along with those who are setting the future in motion in a variety of fields.

Part of this endeavor is introducing an original NSK staff exercise program at all branches around the world intended to maintain and improve mental and physical conditions and prevent injury. In order to create an effective and enjoyable way to exercise, the program was developed under the supervision of physical therapist Kazuna Ichikawa by choreographer and dancer Shigehiro Ide. Mr. Ide created the program based on analyses of existing NSK exercises and the various operations at each NSK work site. Additionally, Shuta Hasunuma composed bright music appropriate for a bearing plant that will soothe and energize listeners and expand the imagination.

About the NSK exercise program

  • The exercise program is intended to reduce friction, like a bearing does, on the heart and mind.
  • Beginning a work day with this program helps switch both body and mind into work mode. The goal is to help employees stay focused on new motion, starting the day off with a burst of energy and keeping on working enthusiastically throughout the day. Starting new motion with the body first, NSK aims to ensure that customers and everyone else in the communities where it does business can sense new motion at NSK.

Shigehiro Ide

Shigehiro Ide

Ide formed the Idevian Crew dance company in 1991, giving the first performance of Idevian in 1995. In addition to dance company performances, he is active in a wide range of genres, such as staging and choreographing stage pieces, and choreographing and performing in commercial and music videos. His ideas remain open and free of constraints from existing dance styles, and he is well known for originality in his choreography methods, which feature everyday motion and the dancer's personality in the motif of communication within a group.

Comment from Mr. Ide:

“The idea behind this exercise program is to focus on putting the body into motion, and not to worry even if you're not in perfect sync. The most important thing is to discover that body motion is fun, and that you've succeeded in exercising when you can have a dialog with your body, saying something like ‘OK, thanks! Let's do our best today!'”

NSK employee involved in the project - Yasuko Kuramoto

NSK employee involved in the project - Yasuko Kuramoto

Each branch of NSK had a different style of exercising, and when I heard that we were using the NSK 100th anniversary as an opportunity to introduce a common exercise program across the company, I thought it was an interesting idea and asked to participate in the project. I toured the plants with the choreographer Mr. Ide, and I was surprised to find that he incorporated rotation movements that are so often associated with the familiar NSK work environment. The music is very relaxing, and I naturally start humming. I believe this will be an enduring exercise program that will be carried on through the years.

About NSK

NSK was established in 1916 as Japan's first bearing manufacturer, and has developed and produced bearings, automobile parts, and precision machinery to support the development of industry around the world over its first 100 years in business. NSK currently has a global reach of 210 branches in 30 countries around the world. In addition to bearings, NSK holds the world's leading share in electrical power steering (EPS) and ball screws.

NSK aims to contribute to the well-being and safety of society and to protect the global environment based on its corporate philosophy of Motion & Control™. Now and in the future, NSK will continue to transcend the limits of a parts manufacturer as it sets innovative ideas into motion.