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NSK welcomes visitors to Taiwan's leading machine-tool show

NSK innovations feature at TIMTOS 2015, one of the world's top-3 shows

As the Taipei International Machine Tool Show attracts industrial buyers from across Asia, and more than 600 exhibitors from around the world, it is one of the globe's three top events of its kind. For NSK, provider of technologies that underpin the precision and quality of the world's leading machine tools, TIMTOS is one of the most important events on the calendar: a key showcase for our latest innovations. Here's what's on display at the NSK booth at TIMTOS, March 3-8 at the Taipei World Trade Center.

This year's exhibit will highlight NSK engineers' success in extending the frontiers in all critical measures of machine-tool performance: accuracy, precision, stability, speed and energy efficiency. Among the featured innovations are precision bearings for machine-tool applications, robotics and factory-automation solutions, plus ball screws and NSK Linear Guides™.

NSK booth

Superior bearings: the key to machine-tool precision, speed and durability

Robust Series E-Type Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Machine Tools

NSK engineers continue to achieve new benchmarks with bearings that deliver greater precision, higher speeds and increased durability - supported by improved lubrication. The following are bearing products featured at TIMTOS 2015.

Robust series E-type is an angular-contact ball bearing designed for use in the main shafts of lathes and machining centers where high speed, precision and vibration-resistance are essential. Developed to meet the exacting needs of electronics and automotive component makers, the E-type offers improved seizure resistance and service life compared to previous generations, contributing to greater productivity and energy efficiency in machine tools.

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RACEGUARD™ is a newly developed lubricant designed for the bearings of machine-tool main spindles. To be introduced in April, 2015, the new lubricant offers significantly improved performance under high load conditions, achieving five times the anti-seizure performance of previous products. This allows operation at higher speeds and higher loads without sacrificing durability.

For more, see NSK Develops RACEGRD Grease for bearings used in machine tool main spindles

Precision machinery and parts

NSK Linear Guides NH/NS
NSK Linear Guides NH/NS

NSK is continuously improving its wide range of machine components that support the development of new machine tools that offer ever-greater precision and productivity in a more-compact package. At TIMTOS 2015, several of NSK's latest innovations are featured.

Ball Screws with X1 seals are designed to support the high performance of the latest machine tools operating in dusty environments. The key feature is a highly dust-proof design backed by grease seals that effectively prevents contamination even in the harshest environments. The result is significantly longer service life.

For more, see NSK Develops New X1 Ball Screw with Seal for Machine-Tool Applications

Nut Cooling Ball Screws has a cooling mechanism built into its preload double nuts, a feature designed to accommodate the increasing speed and precision of large machine tools used in the aircraft and energy industries. By streaming coolant into the hollow shaft, heat from high-speed operation can be efficiently dissipated. But with the long double-nut preload ball screws used on large machine tools, length restrictions sometimes made hollow shafts costly or impossible. NSK's double nut cooling solution overcomes that problem.

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NSK Linear Guides NH & NS series come with the highest load rating in the world - more than double previous products - and double the service life. And yet they are interchangeable the guides used in comparable existing devices. As critical components in robots, factory-automation equipment and machine tools used in automotive and electronics manufacturing, the durability of NSK Linear Guides are a key factor in the life-cycle cost of these technologies.

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About NSK

In 2016, NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) will celebrate a century of innovation since its founding as Japan's first bearings manufacturer. With the theme “Motion & Control" at the core of its business, NSK today is a global enterprise with 213 facilities in 31 countries that serve a diverse range of industrial customers with a wide range of precision components in addition to bearings. The company provides customers with total solutions through its world-leading technologies, sales force and customer service capabilities.

NSK has been directly serving industrial customers in Taiwan since the establishment of a local sales company in 1989.