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NSK Presents Science Classes for Schoolchildren

Kids Get to Experience What It Is Like to Be an Engineer

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NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) presents science classes entitled, “Taking a Look at Invisible Friction,” at the Japan Science Museum (Chiyoda, Tokyo) on Wednesday, February 11 (National Foundation Day).

This year was the 8th year for NSK to present a science classes at the Japan Science Museum to allow schoolchildren to experience firsthand what it is like to be an engineer. The goal of this forum is to increase interest in science by having children experience the wonders of science. NSK held two classes this year, with 49 children who are members of the Science Club* in participation.

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In order to have the children work like engineers to solve a difficult task, the following question was posed: “How many kids does it take to move the Great Buddha of Kamakura?” The statue in question weighs 120 tons. While the children calculate the strength of force necessary to move such a large object, they learned about mechanisms that cause friction and the difference between sliding friction and rolling friction. In this way, the children were able to understand the relationship between weight and the force required to move a given amount of weight. In addition, the children got the chance to verify their findings in an experiment that involved the children pulling a board carrying the adult.

Some of the comments overheard from the children that participated were, “This experiment to move an adult was really interesting,” “Now I clearly understand principle how bearings reduce friction,” and “I was surprised that roller enable us to pull a large object with such a little power.”

* Science Club: A membership club hosted by the Japan Science Museum aimed at fostering interest in science and providing opportunities to experience the joy of creating something. The club offers many classes including, arts and crafts, experiments, computers, and nature observation. It also holds a variety of fun activities such as field trips to various facilities.

NSK's Approach to CSR

NSK products, such as bearings, help smooth the operation of a variety of machines, including automobiles, household appliances, trains, steelmaking equipment, wind power generators, elevators, airplanes, and satellites. These properties support the safety, reliability and energy efficiency of machines that incorporate NSK's products.

The aim and underlying principle of NSK products and business is to help promote a society of well-being and safety, along with global environmental protection, with the aim of eventually achieving a sustainable society. Each NSK executive and employee is fully aware of these roles and, as such, is committed to maintaining the perspective of its customers and other stakeholders as they work in good faith to develop NSK business and contribute to society in order to achieve greater corporate value and sustainable growth.

NSK Social Action Programs

The NSK Group focuses its social programs on the following three important areas: the promotion of science and technology, the development of the next generation, and mutual harmony and benefit with communities. Such programs include donations to research institutions, scholarships, internships, classes regarding bearing technology, afforestation, and the provision of water filtration equipment for schools outside Japan.

The NSK is committed to contributing to the development of the next generation by hosting hands-on programs that get children excited about science. In doing so, the NSK believes that it can provide opportunities for both learning and experience for children, who will become the leaders in the development of sustainable society.

Event Outline

Name 2015 Children Science Classes
Date Wednesday, February 11, 2015 (10 AM to 4:30 PM)
Location Japan Science Museum (Chiyoda, Tokyo)
No. of participants 49 (3rd to 6th graders of elementary school student)
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