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NSK Renews its Monocarrier™ Single-Axis Actuator

Faster, Quieter, Higher Load Capacity and Expanded Lineup

Monocarrier™ Single-Axis Actuator

Tokyo, Japan, February 18, 2014 – NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced that it has completely renewed its Monocarrier™ series by making it faster, quieter, longer life, and expanding of compact size.

NSK will commence sales of this series from April of 2014 and is targeting 1 billion yen in increased sales by 2015.

Development Background

NSK was the first company in the industry to develop lightweight, compact single-axis actuators— Monocarrier MCM series—for various applications such as semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment as well as conveyance applications for automobile-related equipment. The Monocarrier series integrated three components—the ball screw, NSK Linear Guide™ and support bearings. NSK introduced this series to the market in 1991, and then in 2001, it introduced Monocarrier MCH series with. Later, in 2009, NSK introduced higher beam rigidity ToughCarrier™, which was capable of ultra-high loads due to the use of as the rollers element of the guide. In this way, NSK has answered the diversified needs of the market.

In recent years, there has been increased demand for even higher levels of productivity and shorter takt times. In addition, there is greater demand for more compact sizes in order to meet the demand for more compact equipment.

In response to the diversified needs and growing applications for its Monocarrier series, NSK has developed the following superior features for Monocarrier series.

Product Features

1. Higher Speed
In revising the high-speed specifications of ball screw, NSK was able to increase the allowable rotational speed of its Monocarrier series by 1.6 times from 3000 min-1 to 5000 min-1.
2. Quieter, Lower Vibration and Higher Load Capacity
NSK also changed some of rolled ball screws used in the Monocarrier series to precision ball screws. In doing so, NSK has succeeded in reducing the noise level by 5 decibels and cut the vibration level in half. In addition, NSK increased the ball diameter of the ball screw for up to 1.4 times the dynamic load rating and 2.7 times longer life.
Note: Limited to only some of the models using a rolled ball screw.
3. Series expansion in compact sizes
NSK has added 5 mm and 15 mm lead to the MCM03 compact model. 15 mm lead MCM03 is the fastest in the industry at 1250 mm/s, providing faster results in equipment applications.


Perfect for semiconductor, LCD, automobile and general industry machine applications.

Product Benefits

Increased speed for greater production efficiency.

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