Press Release

NSK to Exhibit at 22nd Interphex Japan

Creating advances in manufacturing equipment and technologies for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Pharma Pack 2009 (Held inside INTERPHEX JAPAN)

Tokyo, Japan, June , 2009 NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) will exhibit for the first time at Interphex Japan, to be held this year at Tokyo Big Sight from July 1 to 3. This is the largest exhibition in Asia and the foremost of its kind in the world to bring together in a single venue all manner of equipment and systems for the manufacturing, research and development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents. NSK will exhibit for the first time products especially developed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The theme of NSK’s exhibit, “Clean & Compact. NSK leads the world of life and beauty with high performance” conveys NSK’s determination to propose applications that are useful for both health and beauty R&D and manufacturing sites. Applying its technology to humankind’s unending quest for beauty and health, NSK offers mechatronic products that utilize high precision control, ultra precision processing and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) to ensure even cleaner environments and measure and analyze nano-level microfabrication processes to ensure even minute impurities are eliminated. NSK developed these technologies in its work on elemental components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal exposure equipment. NSK is proud to exhibit for the first time ever its Spacia™ series of specific environment bearings, ideal for use in the manufacturing processes for medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Main Exhibits

Syringe pumps

The small syringe pump units demonstrate how specific quantities of minute amounts of liquids can be constantly fed without pulsation via the combination of the Monocarrier and high precision motors.

Syringe pumps

Desktop centrifugal microscope The Megatorque Motors™ in the desktop centrifugal microscope smoothly rotate objects to be measured by applying centrifugal force to them so that the behavior of the intracellular material of microscopic specimens can be observed.
Synchronous turntables The turntables use two Megatorque Motors™ to demonstrate how transport systems synchronously operate transport processes on assembly, inspection and production lines.
Shower tables The linear guide transport with an operating NSK K1™ lubrication unit demonstrates that it can be used even in environments where water is required, such as food product conveyance lines.
Robotic hands The pointed portions of the handling robot demonstrate how compound feeding and rotating motions can be made via robotic hands with spline ball screws.
Small triaxial actuators In a motif of the dispensers which are used in the development of pharmaceuticals, NSK's PE series of miniature actuators are used to demonstrate the transports of the small triaxial actuators that set the three XYZ axes of the motors on the stationary side.
Exhibition overview
Dates Wednesday, July 1 Friday, July 3, 2009
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Koto-ku)
Booth No. 19-18 (in the packaging machinery and packaging materials expo)
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Exhibit context

NSK is developing new products that challenge the boundaries of existing businesses. Last year, NSK's Mechatronics Division developed “cell manipulation systems” that combine image processing technology with the machine element products of bearings and ball screws and the technology used in precision positioning drives. At the International Biotechnology Expo, NSK exhibited “cell manipulation systems,” devices that can perform cell manipulation and assemble minute components. Consequently, NSK received valuable comments and support from many medical and biotechnology affiliated researchers. This year NSK is staging its first exhibit at Interphex Japan, so that those who work on site in manufacturing, and research and development in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries can see for themselves that NSK's mechatronic technologies and products are much cleaner and more compact. NSK plans to showcase a variety of practical applications. The company's Mechatronics Division is quickly assessing the needs of new customers and applying to those needs the advanced technologies it has developed in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and liquid crystal exposure devices, aiming to contribute to a safer, more secure society.

NSK is making the most of its four core technologies of tribology, materials, analysis, and mechatronics, and will continue to meet diverse industrial needs using its world-class technological strengths.