Press Release

NSK Launches the Miniature Large-Lead Series High-Speed Low-Noise Ball Screws

Designed to reduce takt time by increasing speed, to reduce equipment size and to conserve energy

NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) has developed and launched the High-speed Low-noise Ball Screw with small diameter and large lead, which is optimal for applications such as semiconductor chip mounters and parts aligning equipment.

the Miniature Large-Lead Series High-Speed Low-Noise Ball Screws

Recently, in the fields of chip mounters and parts aligning equipment, there has been growing demand for smaller machines with shorter takt time. In addition, due to the trend toward higher chip mounting accuracy, the industry has been demanding equipment that enables precise positioning.

NSK has successfully reduced the load on motors by making the ball screw shaft diameter as small as possible, and has also been able to increase the lead on this small diameter ball screw by introducing new fabrication technologies. By adopting the acclaimed end deflector recirculation system, which offers high speed and low noise features, NSK has succeeded in achieving rotational speeds of up to 5000 min-1. These advanced capabilities are ideal for chip mounters and other such equipment that requires a relatively short stroke, enabling them to operate at high acceleration and high speeds exceeding 1 m/sec. This surpasses the performance of linear motors and means that takt time can be easily reduced. The miniature large lead series can also replace small air cylinders as it offers the added benefit of high speed, high-precision multipoint positioning.

NSK will exhibit the Miniature Large Lead series Ball Screw at SEMICON Japan 2009, which will be held at Makuhari Messe from December 2 to 4, 2009, and will start sales of the product from March 2010, with a view toward attaining sales of 200 million yen in 2012.

Product features

High acceleration / deceleration and high speed achieved by small shaft diameter and large lead
This product realizes a combination of the smallest possible shaft diameter (f6 mm, f8 mm) for the High-speed Low-noise Ball Screw together with the largest lead of its class (8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm) in the market. The use of the end deflector recirculation system has enabled a top speed of 5000 min-1 to be achieved, as well as smooth operation. As a result, NSK can offer you operations with high acceleration and deceleration at high speeds of 1 m/s or more, a performance that surpasses the capability of linear motors.
Low profile nut, which has been reduced in size to the absolute limit, contributes to the compactness of the machine
The low profile nut reduces the height of flanges and nuts by up to 33% compared with conventional ball screws, contributing to the realization of more compact equipment.
Long-time maintenance free operation made possible with NSK K1 (optional)
The NSK K1™, which exudes lubricating oil from its resin component, allows the ball screw to be used without maintenance for long periods of time.

Environment friendly

The Miniature Large Lead series High-Speed Low-Noise Ball Screw is an environmentally friendly product, free from any environmentally hazardous substances. Its compactness will help to reduce electrical power consumption.

NSK started sales of the High-Speed Low-Noise Ball Screw, which possesses both high-speed rotation and low noise characteristics, in 2003, and has been developing series of ball screws that are optimal for machines in various industries, such as machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, transfer equipment and injection molding machines. NSK now has added to its range the small-diameter large-lead series, which is optimal for chip mounters and parts aligning equipment. NSK shall continue to deliver solutions optimized for the markets in a variety of industries while taking advantage of the company's high-speed low-noise technology.