Press Release

NSK Announces Toughcarrier™ Single-Axis Actuator

World's first single-axis actuator to incorporate rollers as rolling elements of guide section

Tokyo, Japan, October 1, 2009 – NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Norio Otsuka) today announced the upcoming release of the Toughcarrier™ single-axis actuator for ultra-high load applications. The new compact single-axis actuator is designed for general industrial machinery, including equipment used in automotive production.

Toughcarrier™ Single-Axis Actuator for Ultra-High Load Applications
Toughcarrier™ Single-Axis Actuator for Ultra-High Load Applications

More and more automobile body production lines are being designed for flexible line manufacturing, enabling a single line to produce multiple types of bodies, in order to respond to changing market demands. In addition to this, quality improvement and environmental protection needs are driving the increased use of electrically driven production machines and fixtures over hydraulic and pneumatic solutions. Electrically driven actuators are used extensively for these applications, but in many cases the load position and guide section are separated, which generates large moment loads and requires higher load capacity. Furthermore, actuators used in applications such as welding processes require increased durability against foreign materials, such as high temperature welding spatter.

NSK has developed the new Toughcarrier™ single-axis actuator for ultra-high load applications, in order to meet the demands of these extreme operating conditions. The single-axis actuator uses rollers as rolling elements of the guide to greatly increase the load capacity, while retaining the same dimensions as existing actuators. NSK has also developed a compact fire-resistant anti-spatter cover.

NSK will commence sales of the Toughcarrier™ single-axis actuator starting in January 2010, and will expand the product series while targeting sales of one billion yen by 2012. NSK exhibited the Toughcarrier™ single-axis actuator at the 12th Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo, held at the Intex Osaka venue in Japan from October 7 to 9, 2009.

Product features

Ultra-high load capacity (uses rollers in the rolling elements of guide section)
The world's first single-axis actuator to employ rollers in the rolling elements of the guide section, for an ultra-high load capacity.
Delivers more than twice the dynamic load rating (and more than 10 times the life) of the NSK Monocarrier™ single-axis actuator, as well as three times the static load rating and more than four times the rigidity.
Designed for extreme operating conditions
All Toughcarrier™ single-axis actuators are equipped with NSK K1® lubrication units, which maintain excellent lubrication performance even under severe conditions with exposure to foreign materials. An optional compact size spatter protection cover is also available to cover the opening of the rail, protecting the single-axis actuator from spatter contamination in welding applications to ensure long-term, stable operation.

In 1991, NSK developed and released the world's first Monocarrier actuator with an integrated design incorporating a ball screw, linear guide and base. Monocarrier are used widely in the automotive and other production machines, realizing the use of electric drives replacing hydraulic solutions and gaining compactness. NSK will continue to provide solutions tailored to the needs of various markets, in order to serve a wide range of industries.