Press Release

Winners of the 6th Tsinghua University NSK Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Awards for Sino-Japanese Cooperation Announced

Tokyo, Japan, June 6, 2008 - NSK Ltd. (NSK; Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Seiichi Asaka) announced today that it has selected the following persons as winners of the 6th NSK Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Awards for Sino-Japanese Cooperation.

name of winner Winning papers
1. Ni Kai Improving accuracy of multichannel volume holographic correlators by using a two-dimensional interleaving method;Ni Kai, Qu Zongyao, Optics Letters, Vol.32, No.20, 2972-2974
2. Wang Dingqu Controlled assembly of zinc oxide nanowires using dielectrophoresis; Dingqu Wang, Rong Zhu et al. Applied Physics Letters, vol.90, pp.103-110 (2007).
3. Ding Xiang A novel surface plasmon resonance imaging interferometry for protein array detection. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol.130, p.52-58, 2008
4. Wang Shuo Equilibrium and kinetic studies on the removal of NaC1 from aqueous solutions by electrosorption on carbon nanotube electrodes. Shuo Wang, Dazhi Wang Separation and purification technology. Vol.58(1)12-16, 2008
5. Shu Qinke Low voltage energy-saving double-walled carbon nanotube electric lamps; Q.K.shu, J.Q.wei Journal of applied physics, 101, 084306(2007)
6. Li Fei Modeling of drag with the Eulerian approach and EMMS theory for heterogeneous dense gas-solid two-phase flow. Haiying Qi., Fei Li, Bing Xi, Changfu You. Chemical Engineering Science, 2007, 62(6): 1670-1681
7. Zan Cheng Evaluation method for thermal processing of phosphoric acid with waste heat recovery; Zan C, Shi L; ENERGY, 31(14) : 2791-2804 Nov. 2006
8. Liu Ruolei Experimental study on convective heat transfer of water flow in a heated tube under natural circulation; Yang Ruichang, Liu Ruolei
NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN Volume: 236 Issue: 18 Pages: 1902-1908
9. Wang Yu Effects of hydrogen addition on cycle-by-cycle variations in a lean burn natural gas spark-ignition engine. Fanhua Ma, Yu Wang. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 33(2), 823-831, 2008. IDS Number: 271MA
10. Xiao Jian A multi-stage modeling framework for web service composition; Jian Xiao; Li Zheng; Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management; 2007 IEEE International Conference on, 1782-1786

Outline of Tsinghua University- NSK Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Awards for Sino-Japanese Cooperation

NSK has actively promoted the manufacturing of mechanical and automotive components in China since the 1990s. With the aim of fostering talented human resources in China, NSK established the NSK Mechanical Engineering Dissertation Awards for Sino-Japanese Cooperation in 2003. They are presented to students who make a significant contribution to basic research.
Eligible papers
Papers written by graduate students enrolled in a master's and doctoral course at the Correlation Department, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University
Each of the 10 graduate students who win are awarded a prize of CNY 5,000 per paper (irrespective of whether they are enrolled in a master's or doctoral course).