Press Release

NSK Presented with Global Automotive Shareholder Value Award, Parts Supplier Division

Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 2008 - NSK Ltd. has been selected to receive the award for “Best Shareholder Return for 2004 - 2007” at the 2007 Automotive Shareholder Value Awards run by major U.S. consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and leading U.S. automotive magazine Automotive News.

The 2007 Automotive Shareholder Value Award recipients were selected using the Total Shareholder Return (TSR*) Index to evaluate the performance of the world's leading carmakers, parts manufacturers, and dealers on the basis of investor returns.

NSK was judged the parts manufacturer that most greatly increased value for investors over the 3 year period. This is the first time the company has received the award.

*TSR:  (share price at end of period – share price at start of period + dividend per share) / share price at start of period. An indicator used to measure the actual percentage profit (or loss) for an investor who purchased shares at the beginning of the period.