Press Release

NSK released CSR Report 2007: ‘The NSK Group's Vision and Initiatives for Society and the Environment’ (English/Japanese)

NSK Ltd. (below, NSK) aims to contribute to environmental protection and societal development through our core production business of “cutting friction and reducing energy loss”

This report outlines NSK's CSR philosophy and the steps it is taking to contribute to society and the environment.

We introduce NSK's main products, and feature firsthand accounts from employees who are striving to prevent global warming. We also show the ways we interact with stakeholders around the world to promote local activities. At the back of the report we have included a collection of data and a more detailed look at our environmental work.

Through communication with you - our stakeholders, we hope to improve and enrich our many activities in the future– please take a moment to browse it, and we welcome any comments or feedback you may have.