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Technical Report

2. Dynamic Load Rating, Fatigue Life, and Static Load Rating

  1. Dynamic load rating
  2. Dynamic equivalent load
  3. Dynamic equivalent load of triplex angular contact ball bearings
  4. Average of fluctuating load and speed
  5. Combination of rotating and stationary loads
  6. Life calculation of multiple bearings as a group
  7. Load factor and fatigue life by machine
  8. Radial clearance and fatigue life
  9. Misalignment of inner/outer rings and fatigue life of deep-groove ball bearings
  10. Misalignment of inner/outer rings and fatigue life of cylindrical roller bearings
  11. Fatigue life and reliability roller bearings
  12. Oil film parameters and rolling fatigue life
  13. EHL oil film parameter calculation diagram
    1. Oil film parameter
    2. Oil film parameter calculation diagram
    3. Effect of oil shortage and shearing heat generation
  14. Fatigue analysis
    1. Measurement of fatigue degree
    2. Surface and sub-surface fatigues
    3. Analysis of practical bearing (1)
    4. Analysis of practical bearing (2)
  15. Conversion of dynamic load rating with reference to life at 500 min-1 and 3,000 hours
  16. Basic static load ratings and static equivalent loads
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