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Linear Motion Control - 13/12/2020

NSK motorised MCE series

Built upon cornerstones that include technical capability, innovation and flexibility, NSK products provide a proven pathway to competitive gain. Technical solutions only NSK can propose are contributing to the advancement of automated manufacturing at customers worldwide. A case in point is the MCE (Monocarrier Electrified), a pre-assembled, motorised linear actuator developed recently by NSK Corporation in USA. MCE showcases how technical expertise, an extensive product line-up and short delivery times can combine to improve the value of customer products.

The MCE merges many product and knowledge areas from the NSK repertoire, bringing together a Monocarrier, motor, motor mount, shaft coupling and accessories. Like many solutions developed by NSK, MCE is supplied pre-assembled, pre-tested and ready to install, offering ultimate convenience for customers in a single part number.

This project highlights how NSK sets out to maximise flexibility for customers. After all, the potential applications for a product such as a linear actuator are extremely varied – essentially anywhere linear motion is required. To help ensure solutions meet almost any engineering requirement, delivering choice and adaptability becomes a priority for NSK’s development team.

For example, consider the options available to users of the MCE. Customers can pick from a choice of stepper motor or servomotor that can be installed inline or parallel with the actuator (left or right arrangement). Single or double slider options are also available, along with accessories that include cover units (top or full cover), sensor kits and sensor rails. Furthermore, the selection of various combination plates and gantry brackets means customers can easily combine the MCE into any XYZ configuration.

Ultimately, NSK aims to develop high-quality turnkey solutions that provide reliability, efficiency and long service life. It takes expert knowledge, experience and a carefully planned approach to ensure the delivery of added-value solutions. By using NSK, technical expertise, collaborative support and project management are always on hand to ensure the product meets customer requirements in every way.

A video of a functional MCE series linear actuator can be viewed at:


Picture: The motorised MCE series demonstrates the technical capabilities of NSK

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